An Aesthetic Revolution for Dinnerware: Raynaud Limoges

Innovative designs, stunning coral pattern and high-quality porcelain are some of the key factors that differentiate Raynaud Limoges from every other porcelain brand. Since 1919, Raynaud has dominated the market with its unique and intricate designs. Raynaud dinnerware is one of the finest Limoges white porcelain created by skilled craftsmen. With over 160 years of excellence, this brand has evolved over the years to create high-style products without compromising on the quality.

The legacy of Raynaud was started in the 19th century by Martial Raynaud who decided to target the affluent market. He loved art and adored craftsmanship. As a world-class entrepreneur of his days, he left behind a creative legacy for the generations to come. His eldest son André invested his career in learning and practicing art. He drove the company towards modernization, which to this date stands strong. 

Showcasing Unrivaled Expertise

Olivier Maillefer, the renowned 18th-century art connoisseur has been an integral part of their design team. His expertise and an eye for design have definitely helped design exclusive patterns for Raynaud Limoges. Their delicately shaped Limoges porcelain collection is used to serve the best of culinary delights at Michelin star restaurants around the globe. That's not all, the versatile dinnerware from Raynaud also makes an exceptional gift for every occasion.  

Having a collection of Raynaud dinnerware at home is definitely going to garner some attention, giving your home a new and exciting look.

Sabrina Monte Carlo's Timeless Collection of Stunning French Porcelain Dinnerware

Raynaud is amongst the oldest manufacturers of porcelain in Limoges. They are the best-selling among all blue chinaware and comes with playful and artistic patterns. Sabrina Monte Carlo has always been focused on serving its customers with the finest quality of products. You can now choose from their wide range of Raynaud Limoges collection that showcases innovative designs at Sabrina Monte Carlo's online and retail stores.

Our Raynaud Limoges’ favorites

While Raynaud has an enormous range of styles to choose from, some of our personal favorites from their collection include:

Trésor Fleuri depicts both fantasy and elegance through their designs on dinnerware.
Paradis, also known as a garden of delights is a great combination of colors and floral motifs.
Salamanque - Gold is inspired by Spain during the Renaissance period. An intricate design that is artistically represented to turn heads.
• Cristobal is a collection that has been carefully designed by the well-known interior decorator Alberto Pinto. The coral designs with a narrow splash of color is truly an attractive piece of dinnerware.

Opt for an Elegant, Precious and High-Quality Dinnerware

As a premium dinnerware brand, Raynaud Limoges’ stunning designs have been created by world-renowned artists such as Dali and Cocteau. The designs created on this unique porcelain dinnerware are a perfect blend of tradition and bold patterns. Dinnerware patterns are created by highly skilled craftsmen, making it a collector’s choice for generations now. A must-have for every luxury home that desires the highest quality products with the finest tastes.