Decor Walther

Whether you are looking to give your bathrooms an industrial-chic look or a Parisian vintage glam, Decor Walther bathroom accessories are all that you'll need. It's time to add sparkle to your bathrooms! 

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A Peek into the History of the Brand

Decor Walther is a name that has been recognized globally for the quality bathroom furnishing. From lamps to mirrors to bathroom accessories, this brand offers an extensive range of products to choose from. Founded in 1973 by Harald Walther, the brand Decor Walther started as a small shop in Germany. The brand started by specializing in brass handles and door fittings, which soon evolved bathroom fixtures and furnishings. 

Discreet luxury has always been the essence of the brand. There's a certain simplicity in elegance that Decor Walther bathroom accessories will add to your space. Their attention to detail and handmade quality speaks volumes about their product range. 

Focus on Quality

It's amazing how certain ornamental elements by Decor Walther adds a luxurious look to your bathrooms. Their focus on quality creations makes the brand one of the most sought after. When it comes to Decor Walther, you can't stop but notice how function, design, fixtures, and aesthetics form a perfect blend. Apart from the elegance in designs, their products are made to last longer. 

Decor Walther and Sabrina Monte-Carlo

Sabrina Monte-Carlo has had long-standing business relationships with brands that represent supreme quality and luxury. Decor Walther is a world-renowned brand that stays true to the association. Timeless designs that are effortlessly stylish are amongst our client favorites. Find the very best fixtures of Decor Walther in Sabrina Monte-Carlo's shop. As the brand evolved, they always accommodated the client's needs and latest trends without losing out on quality. Looking for more inspiration? Here are some of our favorite Decor Walther bathroom accessories that are exquisite in nature: 

• "Crystal" bathroom accessories that are made of cut glass

• "Wood" bathroom accessories

• Hand cosmetic mirror with refined chrome exteriors

• White stone containers that are made of high-quality mineral cast

• Pure trays with an attractive and functional design

Shop for Classic Bathroom Fittings from Sabrina Monte-Carlo's

Whether you are intrigued by the simplicity of the sculptural hand towel stand or amazed by the elegantly reserved soap dispenser, Decor Walther collections are truly fascinating work of art. The brand's objective has always been to create timelessly beautiful designs for the bathroom. Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers a wide range of bathroom accessories that will give your home an admirable look. Get ready for some contemporary glam with Decor Walther bathroom accessories from Sabrina Monte-Carlo. Be spoilt for choice!