Bernardaud Tableware: History of the Brand

Being one of the dominant brands in the French luxury and international decorative arts industry, the brand Bernardaud and the porcelain factory has an interesting history of over 150 years old. Although the factory has been operational since 1863, it was purchased by the now visionary leader Michel Bernardaud, who was also a part of their workforce in 1900. Their Limoges porcelain products are well known for its excellent porcelain made from white malleable clay called Kaolin. 

As Michel Bernardaud took over the factory, he expanded the horizons and increased both the market size as well as the production capacity. With years of hard work, he has managed to build the brand's long-lasting legacy. 

Inspired by heritage craft, this brand is led by innovation and art. Bernardaud, as a brand, has maintained high standards and quality in all their product ranges. Bernardaud’s china has graced several prestigious tables in the past. Being the epitome of traditional craftsmanship, all their products have an intricate touch to it. For instance, a simple Bernardaud china teapot takes over one week to create with over 50 different artisans. Their versatile styles range from royally magnificent to subtle elegance, truly outstanding.

Exclusive Partnerships for Ultra-luxury Interiors

Bernadaud is known for collaborating with artists such as Jeff Koons and Joan Miró. Innovation and creativity have been the core value of the business for Sabrina Monte-Carlo. With long-standing brand associations like Bernardaud, it correlates well with the brand values too. This brand is one of the bestselling for white chinaware with several patterns to choose from — their stunning designs in pure white showcases opulence. The product ranges from the brand Bernardaud gives an understated finishing to your space. Elegant patterns can easily distinguish the craftsmanship of their array of products. Deck up your space with these decorative styles that are sure to compliment your interior design. 

Create a sophisticated interior for your space with Sabrina Monte-Carlo. Be mesmerized by the unique craftsmanship displayed on the wide array of Bernardaud china products. Transform your space and give it a majestic appeal. Whether you are looking for a modern classic or contemporary vibe, let your interiors display traditional French luxury with classic Bernardaud china patterns Chateaubriand, Fusion, and Louvre. From gold and silver embellishments to casual white porcelain, Bernardaud displays opulence in all its designs. Their traditional expertise is visible in all their artistic creations. For more inspiration, you can browse through some of their product ranges here.