Christofle was a Parisian silversmith from the 19th century, whose love of art combined with creating exceptional tableware was much admired. Back in those days, he had already mastered the art of working with silver. Christofle used his technical know-how in his factory located Yainville manufacture products that are of supreme quality. He took a deep dive into the shapes, designs, culture and rarest of materials to concoct his collection.

Christofle silverware continues to be a classic example of how handcraftsmanship with traditional techniques can dominate the National and International market for luxury designer homeware‎. Spinning, planishing, chasing and engraving are some of the traditional technique they use to get the excellence in their products. Established in the year 1830, Christofle is known as the world-renowned manufacturer of the silver flatware.

Admirable Unique Creations of Silverware

From silver picture frames to porcelain dinnerware, the brand Christofle has a wide array of product categories. Christofle is a symbol of luxury and sophistication. The brand combines new-age art with innovation to transform silverware products. Christofle has collaborated with several renowned artists, modernist silversmiths, and experimental architects.

Since the establishment of the brand, Christofle silverware has graced the tables of several palaces, diplomatic dinner tables, and contemporary restaurants. Christofle has evolved as the perfect infusion of the art of living into admirable tableware. It's fascinating how they have incorporated historic patterns that symbolize the Empire style into something as simple silver-plated serving dish.  

Sabrina Monte Carlo's Display of Luxury Designer Homeware‎ From Christofle

With Sabrina Monte Carlo, you can shop for an authentic collection of Christofle products. From flatware to cutlery to home decor and tableware, you'll find everything you have ever wanted for your home from Sabrina Monte Carlo's online and retail stores. Christofle is, in fact, one of the three most top-selling brands at our retail store. Christofle silverware ensures premium quality for all their products and is a real eye-catcher. Here are some of our favorite Christofle collections and patterns that every luxury home must-have:

• 24-piece silverplated cutlery set in egg case in Mood Nomade patterns
• Limoges porcelain collection of products in the most simplistic yet modern Madison 6 pattern
• Elegant crystal double old fashion glasses in Graphik pattern
• Malmaison Silver-Plated Bowl Servers exemplifying the Empire style
• Fidelio picture frames that are silver-plated is one of the best gifts for every occasion

Christofle silverware is a perfect example of timeless beauty, creativity, and innovation. It is tremendous to see the evolution of handcraftsmanship in a French brand. The continuous innovative force together with research and art of living has revolutionized the silverware. Antoine Perrin, Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, Martin Szekely are some of the renowned artists who have worked in enhancing the designs of the brand.

Without a doubt, Christofle has dominated the market of luxury brands in tableware. They have set benchmarks in unique design and style. All their products symbolize pure perfection. At the next dinner gathering, make a long-lasting impression amongst your guests. Serve the delicacies in Christofle silverware to gather all the compliments. For more interior inspiration, continue browsing this website.