Showcasing the best of French craftsmanship on crystal glassware

For over two centuries, Baccarat has led the industry as the world's finest luxury crystal. This iconic crystal manufacturer has established its brand name amongst the affluent market. Their much-desired luxurious collection of products spans over 2,500 items. The company has an interesting history that dates back 250 years ago. Rightly known as the kind of crystals, their excellence in manufacturing crystal products started when King Louis XV permitted the production of crystal works in Baccarat.

From Baccarat crystal tableware to home fittings, they have an enormous range of collection that is sold through their retail stores as well as through third-party retailers. As a classic heritage luxury brand, Baccarat has pioneered the innovative technique of manufacturing products. Baccarat is more than just a brand, it is a way of living.

Hand-crafted quality comes with experience

Their production systems have evolved over the years and are modernized without compromising their century-long tradition of hand-crafted quality. Focused on quality and design, Baccarat's artisans have to undergo an eight-year apprenticeship. Their product ranges extend beyond decorative pieces of crystal to glass for mining lamps assisting in operations of Charbonnages de France. The brand Baccarat started expanding their horizons and invested in retail stores across Paris, New York, and Tokyo.

Their brand-defining product ranges have a unique design that will capture attention in an instant. Sculpting crystal is an art that Baccarat has already perfected. Having won several awards for showcasing the world their excellence in craftsmanship, their crystal products continue to demonstrate extraordinary beauty beyond imagination.

Sabrina Monte Carlo's love for Baccarat

Sabrina Monte Carlo has always offered the finest quality items that are synonymous to luxury. Add a little sparkle to your home with some of the top-selling brands that we offer. The product ranges of Baccarat are an expression of art with expertise, craftsmanship and contemporary interpretations. Using the latest cutting-edge technology, their crystal products have attained the most desired perfection.

As one of the bestselling luxurious brands, their top Baccarat tableware includes:

  • Véga crystal glassware
  • Table decor such as the Bloom collection or Lucky butterflies
  • Eye vases and tealights in various colours and shapes

Baccarat is more than just crystal collection that adorns your home. The brand is known for its timeless crystal designs. Baccarat is a symbol of French luxury, it is also an epitome of craftsmanship with the highest quality. Their gorgeous crystal collections are ornaments and decorations that are found in the world's most prestigious homes. With their rich heritage of sculpting crystal, they have excelled the art of manufacturing crystal. Enliven your home with their latest collection, shop for Baccarat's products with Sabrina Monte Carlo.