Daum Art Glass: History of the Brand

Since 1878, Daum has created iconic luxury crystal pieces with incredible designs. Their designs have been an integral part of home decors and have been adorned as classic pieces. When Jean Daum in Nancy, France launched the brand in 1878, he never envisioned it to be a dominating market player in the French decorative arts industry. This unique enterprise soon started expanding globally with their handmade glasswork products.

In the 1930s, Antonin’s son Michel Daum introduced crystal, a blend of glass and lead oxide to create glassware for the ocean liner. With new design possibilities, the brand soon replaced glass with crystal in depicting their work. Daum being a legend glassmaker, he has invested in creating pieces of art with crystal and colors.

Adapting the historic pâte de verre technique gave them the flexibility to create sculptural quality designs for their products. As the only crystal maker in the world who has mastered this process, they have also made several improvisations to create intense colors and bring subtle shading too. Their art glass and crystal sculptures are world-renowned designs that are masterpieces. In 1893, they decided to display their spectacular collection of cameo glass samples in the Art Nouveau style, at the World’s Columbian Exposition held in Chicago. This gained them a much worthy brand reputation and international attention. 

Exclusive Partnerships for Ultra-luxury Interiors

As one of the most requested brands in art glass and crystal sculptures amongst our clientele, Sabrina Monte-Carlo has found immense value in this collaboration. As we aim to be the one-stop interior decor solution in Monaco, we have a strong association with Daum, which offers us the exclusivity to sell their products in Monaco.
Daum, as a brand that has survived exceptionally well for centuries, has collaborated with more than 350 artists and designers to create magnificent pieces. Their unique collection ranges from French crystal vases to Daum decorative lighting that changes the aesthetics of your interiors. 

Capitalizing on contemporary interior trends, Daum art glass has evolved as a classic brand that is also a collector's choice. We are extremely enthusiastic about the brand collaboration between the Daum art glass collection and us. Sabrina Monte-Carlo has worked on several bespoke projects in Monaco. The growing demand for Daum products has initiated the collaboration. Add a touch of elegance and luxury through these expressive Daum art pieces. 

Whether you are looking for Daum art collection or their unique contemporary creations, this brand has an extensive array of product choices to choose from. Inspired by flora and fauna of nature and bringing out the vibrant colors of the forest, Daum has mastered the art of detailing and reinterpreting. Browse through some of the world's finest interior design products from Daum with us.