History of Creating Artistic Silverware

Founded in 1867, this Parisian silver manufacturer creates gorgeous high-quality cutleries that depicts exquisite workmanship. Named after the French village in the region of Oise, Ercuis belongs to the luxury class of silversmith’s art

Adrien Célest Pillon, who was a priest on the village of Ercuis founded the company that specialized in creating artistic silverware collection. His vision for the manufacturing unit was to employ the fellow men, develop the village and secure a financial future. In 1880 Ercuis brand took a step further, the workshop expanded into a shop in Paris. Soon after establishing the factory, the company started growing rapidly in the production of magnificent Ercuis flatware

Luxury at its Finest

Ercuis is one of the top preferred luxury brands in yacht furnishings, exclusive residences, luxury hotels, and star restaurants. From silver cutlery to silver plated picture frames, their product ranges are quite vast and beyond just silverware. Ercuis silverware is a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern designs. Quality, fine detailing, and passion are the essence of the brand and is beautifully reflected in its products.

Our selection of Ercuis Silverware  

When it comes to fine dining, we strongly believe that the flatware on display must be the best. And so, we bring you the most luxurious brand that produces classic silverware collection, Ercuis. From "Paris" silver plated cutlery, Ercuis showcases a splendid collection of tableware. Some of our favorite collection of Ercuis silverware include: 

  • Transat: jug that is silverplated looks magnificent for its classic curves,
  • Saturn: a collection of champagne and ice buckets,
  • Regards: luxurious tableware items such as insulated pots, elegant Oil and Vinegar Set or pepper and salt mills.

Every product is a work of art that exhibits craftsmanship of French silversmith. Their versatile and high-quality products are a charm.

Shop for Quality Silverware

Ercuis is a perfect example of a brand that produces quality silverware. Whether you are looking to deck up your own space or gift someone special, their charming selection of products will leave you spoilt for choice. Shop for the best flatware with intricate craftsmanship, immense know-how, and extraordinary designs. An amazing choice for every luxurious household at Sabrina Monte-Carlo.