Mood Coffee Set of 6 Espresso Spoons Gilded with 18-carat Pink Gold

Product description

Set of 6 silver plated espresso spoons gilded with 18-carat pink gold.

Christofle turns two centuries of tradition on its head with MOOD, an unprecedented concept rooted in the world of today: a new and daring way of luxury daily living. 
MOOD COFFEE PRECIOUS is a decorative object, useful everyday, to refine coffee sharing moments.
The chest's color and the luxurious pink gold finish of the spoons make MOOD COFFEE PRECIOUS the perfect decorative object.

The Box was conceived exclusively for MOOD espresso spoons in order to enable a perfect fit of the pieces.

Espresso spoons gilded with 18-carat pink gold. 
Chest in mirror polished stainless steel copper colored.
Interior disc in walnut wood. 
Inferior wedge in resin dishwasher suitable.

Pink Gold

H 13 cm

Ø 8,7 cm

Collection Mood Coffee
Material Pink Gold

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