Hector Saxe

Produced by one of the world's leading manufacturers in game sets, Hector Saxe products maintain a high standard when it comes to quality. A visit to the manufacturing unit of Hector Saxe is nothing short of exploring a treasure chamber. From the finest of leather to rare woods, you'll spot everything of supreme quality here. 

Crafting 40 Years of History 

Hector Saxe is one of the renowned names in creating the most unique and creative designer game set. Crafted out of the finest of materials, these game sets are produced in France. Michel Saxe, the founder of the brand together with Patricia Saxe, has always been passionate about craftsmanship and games. Since 1978, the brand has managed to artistically blend tradition with creative designs. As a self-taught crafter of games, Michel Saxe enjoyed working on premium Italian leather, customizing and creating elegant game designs out of them.  

As they perfected the craft of creating game sets that are customized to the taste of their customers, the brand started gaining momentum.

Hector Saxe: King of games

Hector Saxe game sets are both fashionable and of superior quality, hence why they have become an integral part of home decor. From ivory backgammon sets to poker set with alligator effect leather, Hector Saxe has manufactured some of the world's exquisite game sets. Bold styling, a stunning splash of colors and premium leather are truly the highlights of the legendary Hector Saxe backgammon set. It’s a timeless fusion of elegance and exclusivity. 

Shop for Hector Saxe Game Sets From Sabrina Monte Carlo

Sabrina Monte Carlo is an established name in superior quality interior decor products. We believe in providing our clientele with premium quality desirable products that are a rare find. Just as we have Hector Saxe collection, these game sets are both functional and an exceptional work of art. Trust us when we say, it's hard to get your eyes off these unique game sets. Choosing your favorite Hector Saxe game set from their splendid collection is not an easy task. Here are some of our favorites: 

• Hector Saxe Victor Backgammon game that comes in velvet leather pouch is a stunning creation in itself
• Hector Saxe Poker set in buffalo leather made in Parisian workshop depicts traditional craftsmanship at its best
• Hector Saxe's Valentin travel chess leather velvet set is another awe-inspiring creation.