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Is Richard Ginori tableware worth it?

Let's imagine; you have ordered your chef to prepare an exquisite meal for you. How would you feel when your private chef serves your food in one of the Richard Ginori tableware? Surely this presentation will be a lot more exciting as compared to old-fashioned china. With enough cups and plate sizes that you can use at any occasion, the pretty pieces by Richard Ginori give your dinner table a fiesta feeling.

Richard Ginori is a well-known Italian porcelain dinnerware brand, which was introduced in 1735. Its one-of-a-kind handmade and handcrafted dinnerware piece have graced the tables of both riches and an aspiring middle class, and museums as well. They produce airbrushed, an all-white, and hand-painted collection that they accentuate with precious metal decorations. If you follow their history and the design patterns, you will be amazed to find out that some of their original and celebrated patterns are still available.

Nowadays, Richard Ginori is under the supervision of top-notch designers of the world; artist Paola Navone and architect Gio Ponti, whose management are true to the company's vision.

Why people prefer to invest in Richard Ginori?

Richard Ginori tableware is famous as the 'Ferrari of tableware.' People count Richard Ginori tableware as sophisticated and beautiful because of its distinct features. It features beautifully drawn colors and intricate detailing molded in unique shapes and aesthetics that give an Italian vibe. The best part is that all the patterns on Richard Ginori tableware are hand-decorated or painted. Even if you select the all-in-white tableware, you will be stoked to see its grace.

Those who get a chance to visit the Richard Ginori manufacturing facility, the history of the factory, and the talents of their artisans leave them awestruck.

Back in the year 2013, Gucci took over Richard Ginori 1735 solely to preserve the company's rich Italian heritage of crafting the world's finest porcelain dinnerware.

The manufacturing facility of Richard Ginori tableware

Not only Richard Ginori tableware is known to be beautiful, it is also attributed as strong, tough, hard, and impermeable. It is because clay kaolin is used to produce porcelain. When clay kaolin is fired at the high temperatures, it causes vitrification that plays a vital role in strengthening the dinnerware.

The manufacturing facility of Richard Ginori is based upon an enormous room where the molds have been archived since when they began producing in 1735. It helps them in recreating such exclusive pieces that never made in markets for centuries or decades. Many art pieces have also been placed in the archives for the artisans to draw their inspiration. To build up the inspiration game, historical and unique dinnerware creations have also been preserved and displayed.

Being a Richard Ginori fan, you will be enthralled to know that their artisans have maintained the formula of their color palates that their forefathers created. Everything used in Richard Ginori tableware is in correspondence with their former collection.

Their store, which is located in the center of Florence, is a family villa, owned and maintained by the Ginori descendants.

Fact: Upon entering the production facility of Richard Ginori, there is a five-feet tall white-colored vase that has a full-sized peacock attached to it. It has a crack on its rear side, which appeared in the final stage of the production when the artisans were firing the vase in the kiln. It is there to remind everyone as a face that no matter how hard you try, it is nearly difficult to produce flawless pieces. Sometimes, the hard work and dedication bring in no result, not because of some mistakes, but because of the external and uncontrollable factors involved. In the case of the vase, those factors were clay, glass, and heat.

How it all started?

Richard Ginori is one of those rare manufacturers who preserve hand-making skills at their manufacturing facilities. Their pieces are the perfect example of the collaboration of excellence and tradition. The whole Richard Ginori is obsessed with one factor and that is beauty.

Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori is the glorious name who conceived the idea of crockery making and turned his dream into reality by launching a porcelain factory in 1735 in Doccia. He reflected his true passion for white gold into his products. The Richard Ginori tableware reflects the tradition of Florentine Maison.

The eighteen-century proved to be lucky for the company as the demand for porcelain dinnerware increased in Europe and the market witnessed new styles and international trends. Carlo Ginori also took the advantage of the new opportunities to the fullest and infused the elements of ancient traditions with modern cuts to produce spectacular art pieces. For creating the captivating sculptures, Richard Ginori soon became the international reference point.

Whether a stately home or a courtyard or a palace, Richard Ginori reached everywhere. It was being considered a status symbol. People took pride in serving their food in Richard Ginori. In 1779, the company came with a woven matt motif design accentuated with luxurious gold decorations. The entire collection proved to be the winner.

It was 1850 that Richard Ginori introduced the floral patterns to respond to international trends and exhibitions, romanticism, and naturalistic taste.

The nineteenth-century brought new challenges for the manufacturers of porcelain. Richard Ginori was passed onto its young heir, Leopoldo Carlo Ginori Lisci, who breathed in an entrepreneurial vision and initiated the profound renewal of Richard Ginori tableware. New technologies were introduced across the company and the designs were patented to ensure perfection.

The twentieth century brought artistic revolution throughout the company. The master artist, Giò Ponti, introduced highly innovative elements synonymous with the taste of ancient. His style was influenced by the oriental culture. Later on, the minimalist style won the hearts of many.

All in all, Richard Ginori promotes art and modernism without forgetting its roots. Their name represents excellence, not only in Italy but throughout the world too. They are the masters of high-quality and artistic porcelain tableware as they have combined creativity, attention to progress, and craftsmanship to reach to this point.