Alain Saint Joanis

Alain Saint Joanis has been creating exceptional pieces of cutlery that can be considered as pure art since 1876. This award-winning brand showcase the finest of French craftsmanship. Over the years, the brand has passed on their heritage of artistry in creating cutleries through the generations, which continues in the family. They are renowned for creating artistic cutlery sets from precious materials. This family-owned business is led by a single objective, quality. 

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As a member of the Atelier d'Art de France, their exceptional cutlery pieces are an enchanting collection of tableware. This high-end flatware brand uses precious materials like ebony, olivewood, stainless steel and gold-plated metals to manufacture their unique collection. 

Their Unique Range of Product Collection

Alain Saint Joanis is not just a luxury brand, it is an obsession. Their high-quality silverware is handcrafted with excellence in the region of Thiers. Alain Saint Joanis is a brand that is inspired by the French elegance of cutlery designs, as displayed at the Thiers Cutlery Museum. Their stunning range of products showcases utility, quality, and creativity. Some of their must-have collection of cutleries include:

• Alain Saint Joanis Ancolie Saffron Five Piece Place Setting Stainless Steel

• Case of 6 Oslo steak knives

• Berlin gold cutlery set from Prestige collection

• Abeille olivewood cutlery set from Tendance collection

These are collectibles for your tableware, a must-have for your home. What's unique about their product range is the intricate workmanship without compromising on quality. Most of their products are hand finished timeless pieces. 

They are handcrafted crafted beautifully using traditional designs at their own workshops in La Monnerie, France. That's not all, their collection of cutleries is dishwasher friendly and long-lasting too. Every piece of cutlery by Alain Saint-Joanis is unique. They are manually assembled and polished by experienced artisans. Each piece is an artistic craft that will make you fall in love with the brand and its stunning collection. 

Alain Saint Joanis was also awarded the (EPV) Living Heritage Enterprise label in 2007. An award was given in honor of the French know-how, skills, and craftsmanship this brand has displayed.

Sabrina Monte Carlo’s Love for Originality

At Sabrina Monte Carlo, originality, authenticity, and craftsmanship in their range of products have always been key factors. As they move into another year of selling this popular brand, Sabrina Monte Carlo aims to provide our customers with the finest quality items. Made of exotic woods, precious metals and resins, Alain Saint-Joanis is one of the most sought-after luxurious brands. From dinner forks to a steak knife, you'll find every piece of cutlery set with palatial design. 

Every product possesses timeless beauty. Their expertly handcrafted collection emblazons opulence. There's no better way to transform a table setting into sheer elegance. Now, with Sabrina Monte Carlo, you can own your favorite piece of cutlery from Alain Saint Joanis collection. Let your home boast beauty and infinite luxury.