Bernardaud Tableware: History of the Brand

Being one of the dominant brands in the French luxury and international decorative arts industry, the brand Bernardaud and the porcelain factory has an interesting history of over 150 years old. Although the factory has been operational since 1863, it was purchased by the now visionary leader Michel Bernardaud, who was also a part of their workforce in 1900. Their Limoges porcelain products are well known for its excellent porcelain made from white malleable clay called Kaolin. 

As Michel Bernardaud took over the factory, he expanded the horizons and increased both the market size as well as the production capacity. With years of hard work, he has managed to build the brand's long-lasting legacy. 

Inspired by heritage craft, this brand is led by innovation and art. Bernardaud, as a brand, has maintained high standards and quality in all their product ranges. Bernardaud’s china has graced several prestigious tables in the past. Being the epitome of traditional craftsmanship, all their products have an intricate touch to it. For instance, a simple Bernardaud china teapot takes over one week to create with over 50 different artisans. Their versatile styles range from royally magnificent to subtle elegance, truly outstanding.

Bernardaud, prestegious porcelain collections for your interiors

Bernardaud is one of the dominant brands in the French luxury industry and international decorative arts. The brand and its porcelain factory have an interesting history of over 150 years. Since 1863, Bernardaud's success has been based on an ability to combine tradition and innovation, know-how and industry. Inseparable from Limoges, Bernardaud is one of the last family businesses in the city. Its Bernardaud porcelain products are recognized around the world for their excellent white malleable clay porcelain called Kaolin. Among the most popular pieces, those from the Bernardaud Ecume collection, have the particularity of mixing with all the house decorations, by playing with either harmony or contrast.

Bernardaud's strength, in addition to the tableware it provides worldwide, is the ability to develop other products (limited editions, jewelry, lighting, furniture...) for an eclectic clientele, without forgetting the special orders, and the hotel industry for which it enjoys international renown. Whether you are looking for a modern classic or contemporary atmosphere, let your interiors display traditional French luxury with one of our Bernardaud porcelain pieces!

Bernardaud perpetuates know-how while reinventing tableware over time

Bernardaud factory is a family business which owes its durability to ancestral know-how perfected by new techniques, and to a diversification of its activity. Its history is intimately linked to the great history of Limoges porcelain. The immense economic interest of this « white gold » did not escape Turgot, intendant of Limousin and future general controller of finance under Louis XVI, who encouraged the development of a porcelain industry in the region, since 1771.

In 1895, Léonard Bernardaud, who was previously an employee, became the partner of Rémi Delinières in the R. Delinières & Cie company, a porcelain manufacturer in Limoges. Although the factory has been operational since 1863, the company was dissolved and then replaced by the new company L. Bernardaud & Cie. Léonard Bernardaud developed his business by setting up a sales’ system without intermediaries to American customers in particular, by setting up an office in New York.

By taking over the family factory, Michel Bernardaud broadened the horizons and increased the market size, as well as the production capacity. Through years of hard work, he has managed to build the brand's lasting legacy. Inspired by heritage craftsmanship, this brand is driven by innovation and art. Bernardaud, as a brand, has maintained high standards and quality in all of its product lines. Bernardaud porcelain paste is a recipe traditionally composed of 50% kaolin, 25% quartz, and 25% feldspar. The mixture is dissolved in water, crushed, sieved, and filtered in the form of pancakes before being transformed, according to manufacturing techniques, into a more or less liquid paste.

Bernardaud porcelain has honored several prestigious tables in the past. Being the epitome of traditional craftsmanship, all of its products have a complex touch. For example, a simple Bernardaud porcelain teapot takes more than a week to create, by more than 50 different artisans. Bernardaud’s versatile styles range from resplendent royalty to subtle and truly exceptional elegance. Bernadaud is also known for his collaboration with great artists such as Jeff Koons and Joan Miró.

Bernardaud rediscovers porcelain with its know-how and regularity

We have chosen to offer you Bernadaud collections for the innovation and creativity, reflected in the fundamental values ​​of this House. Bernardaud brings to life a strong know-how, by perpetuating and diversifying it. By testifying to the factory’s activity, while taking care to safeguard this French heritage, Bernadaud continues to reinvent porcelain which is displayed at the same time as a craft, industry, and art.

This brand is one of the best sellers of white porcelain with several patterns to choose from, their beautiful pure white designs highlight opulence. Bernardaud brand’s product ranges bring a sober touch to all spaces, while the elegant patterns can easily reveal the know-how in their entire products’ range. Bernardaud porcelain will certainly complement your interior decoration.

Each service, jewel, piece of furniture, light, and object signed by Bernardaud, dresses everyday life with simple luxury and shows that, two thousand years after its beginnings, porcelain remains an exception. You only have to explore the Bernardaud collections to understand that this refined material, with unsuspected properties, is constantly reinventing itself with surprising modernity and audacity, and inspiring designers and artists, leading them to unexplored territories.

Let yourself be fascinated by the unique know-how, from which the wide range of Bernardaud porcelain products emanates. Transform your spaces and give them a majestic flair. Explore the range of our selection and be inspired by it. Bernardaud porcelain is available in many pieces whose uses are dictated by dishes’ enhancement. Certain forms are of classical inspiration, others contemporary, some very ornate with engravings, and others smooth. The white forms have the particularity to mix with all the house decorations, by playing either with harmony or contrast.

Subtle matter effects, skillful enameling work, the Bernardaud Ecume collection is for example a hollow, contemporary, and poetic engraving, which promises a table of great elegance and modernity. On the other hand, the Aux Oiseaux collection is inspired by curiosity cabinets in vogue in the 16th and 17th centuries. The decor is available on a full service, where birds in autumn colors find support on stylized trees, treated in gold relief reminiscent of Japanese prints…