Saint Louis House is a symbol of French luxury that protects its know-how and is exported. The Saint Louis crystal brings together more than four centuries of history. Established on the same site of the Northern Vosges since 1586, and Royal crystal since 1781, Saint Louis always implements a handmade crystal according to ancestral know-how. Saint Louis glass France is of an absolute finesse and transparency, resulting from the meticulous work of its master glassmakers, secret and proud, who blow, engrave and cut incessantly. The Saint-Louis crystal vibrates with all the talent inherited from history, and the incredible creative fantasy inspired by the times’ spirit. Born of a ball of fire and the breath of men, it is quite simply incomparable, dense, clear, sonorous, and luminous.

Through aesthetic and formal innovations, rewarded with gold medals and order books blackened with orders, the art of living in Saint Louis crystal has seduced the whole world. We present you the Saint Louis crystal collections, a selection of exceptional crystal glass, wine glasses, champagne flutes, goblets, tasting boxes... but also all the essentials for Saint Louis glass France lovers, and the French manners it advocates. Discover through our selection the best pieces from the Saint Louis crystal factory. The table, decoration, and light collections are enriched by the creations of talented designers who introduce new uses to the world of Saint Louis crystal.

Saint Louis, a manufacture that makes you discover and rediscover the magic of crystal fairyland

In the East of France, Saint Louis is located in Bitche in Moselle, which has always been a sandy region planted with large forests. Everything is available to complete the magnificent history of Saint Louis House. Founded in 1586, the Müntzthal glassworks produced tableware and chandeliers for the Versailles Palace. By patent letters from King Louis XV, the factory became in 1767 "Royal glassworks" and adopted the name of Saint Louis. If Italy and Bohemia already produced the lens, it was the Englishman George Ravenscroft who perfected the real process of crystal manufacturing in 1676. In 1781, the Saint Louis manufacture then perfected for the first time in Europe the technique of lead crystal.

Renamed Cristallerie Royale de Saint-Louis, the Manufacture devoted itself in 1829 to the sole production of Saint Louis crystal, and introduced in particular the concept of table serving glasses with the famous Trianon model. Historically, the Manufacture has supplied Saint Louis glass France to crowned heads, from the Emperor of Ethiopia to the kings of Cambodia and Morocco, from the Belgians’ King to the princes of Monaco... Always using a crystal that is handmade according to ancestral know-how, the Lorraine crystal works remain anchored in its time by more recently delivering a crystal chandelier of 200 lights, with exceptional dimensions, on order of an Arab prince. This monumental piece, entirely made in glass art, measures 4m in diameter, 3.5 meters high, and weighs a ton and a half.

In 1995, Saint Louis joined the Hermès group, and a museum is located today in the heart of the oldest French crystal glassworks. A unique collection of 2,000 pieces illustrates the incredible range of skills that have made, and still do, the reputation of Saint Louis crystal around the world.

Saint Louis crystal, so clear, illuminates and dresses your interiors

Every day, the Manufacture signs Saint Louis crystal pieces such as services, vases, chandeliers, and candelabras… made by master glassmakers and master tailors who are among the best workers in France. All of them have irreplaceable, ancestral know-how, enriched from generation to generation: mouth-blown crystal, hand cut, engraved and decorated by hand, in 24-carat gold or platinum...

To give it its density, refraction, light, and sound, the crystal manufacturing process consists of fine white sand and lead, and relies entirely on the expertise of glass craftsmen. Both the place and time of high temperature crystal manufacturing, the hot workshop merges with Saint Louis hall, the beating heart of the factory. The instinctive breath of warmth, maintained at the top of your lungs in the hall, is meticulous by the coldness, which gives the workshops a studious atmosphere. And if the crystal must contain more than 24% lead to be entitled to this designation, the Saint Louis crystal itself has more than 30% lead. The outstanding quality of Saint Louis crystal requires multiple checks and the elimination by breakage of nearly 40 pieces out of 100. In this way, it never leaves two absolutely identical items.

Saint Louis is a trendy Manufacture, a skillful blend of tradition and innovation, which has never ceased to draw its inspiration from contemporary artistic trends to build and renew its identity. We are proud to introduce you to its collections. The collections of Saint-Louis vases alone define exception, exclusivity and elegance, a true French art of living for your interior. They come in a multitude of sizes and color palettes. As an example, the Jaipur vase is a true exceptional blown vase, shaped and decorated by Saint Louis master glassmakers. In clear crystal lined with color, this piece required the intervention of a team of six people for its shaping, then three days to sketch, chisel and serrate the material.

The Saint Louis crystal glassware services will amaze you with pieces that are both timeless and contemporary. The uses and lines modernity; sometimes simple and other times complex, form a vibrant alliance with crystal. Among others, discover, for example, the pieces from Folia transverse collection which echoes the forest surrounding the Saint Louis factory. The Oxymore collection is distinguished by the energy of its design and the purity of its staircase size...