Christofle was a Parisian silversmith from the 19th century, whose love of art combined with creating exceptional tableware was much admired. Back in those days, he had already mastered the art of working with silver. Christofle used his technical know-how in his factory located Yainville manufacture products that are of supreme quality. He took a deep dive into the shapes, designs, culture and rarest of materials to concoct his collection.

Christofle silverware continues to be a classic example of how handcraftsmanship with traditional techniques can dominate the National and International market for luxury designer homeware‎. Spinning, planishing, chasing and engraving are some of the traditional technique they use to get the excellence in their products. Established in the year 1830, Christofle is known as the world-renowned manufacturer of the silver flatware.

Christofle, a silver house innovating exceptional tableware collections

Christofle House is certainly one of those who have contributed to the development of French tableware. The prestigious French goldsmith brand is one of the industrialization pioneers of silver metal. It knew how to distinguish itself as much by its creations, which seduce by the goldsmithery richness and beauty, as by its way of always adapting to the changing trends over time. Since 1830, the silversmith and jeweler Christofle has offered housewares, trays, services and jewelry in silver, silver metal, gold, or vermeil in a refined style of great modernity. To create exceptional pieces, Christofle updates its techniques, preserves its know-how, and calls on renowned artists. Today, Christofle House continues to innovate and revolutionize the art of goldsmithing.

Sabrina Montecarlo invites you to discover through our selection of Christofle silverware, elegance, know-how, and real and exceptional tableware. Discover among others, the Christofle Malmaison collection or also the Christofle Marly collection; vibrant and sensual pieces, such as a sculpture which represents French elegance symbols...

Christofle House, French national glories’ icon of Tableware!

It was in 1830 that Charles Christofle, a jeweler, founded the house that still bears his name today. Indeed, it was originally a small jewelry store in which Charles Christofle was an apprentice, before taking over the reins, and changing its destiny by practicing gilding on an industrial scale. He took over the fruitful family business, specialized in precious and avant-garde metals manufacturing, and changed the company’s destiny by buying the patents of silver and gold plating by electrolysis, from the French Henri de Ruolz, in 1842. From there, Charles Christofle could therefore manufacture silver metal parts on an industrial scale.

If at the time, wealthy people had sterling silver cutlery, others used only wooden or pewter cutlery. Christofle House success was immediate: the upper class who could not afford a sterling silver service would come running. Thus in 1851, Christofle became the official supplier of the Second Empire, when Napoleon III ordered an « especially » majestic goldsmithery for receptions in Compiègne and Tuileries. Christofle House celebrity then spread across borders, and was even sought after by foreign rulers.

From its earliest years, Christofle House embraces different currents: from bourgeois style to contemporary design, including Japonism, naturalism, New Art, Decoration Art… Since its origin, the House aimed to solicit talents and collaborate with artists; it called on recognized designers, such as Andrée Putman, Marcel Wanders, or also Ora-ïto… who sign beautiful everyday objects. Surrounding yourself with the best talent is constantly taking up the challenge of creativity and excellence. Throughout its years of existence, Christofle remains faithful to the spirit that has blown the great house of silver metal, since its birth: to be a reflection of its time.

The sustainability and quality of Christofle's know-how are carefully guarded by its master goldsmiths. Each piece calls for a production entirely carried out by hand, using traditional techniques. Master silversmiths and highly qualified workers perpetuate the precious trades of turning-embossing, flattening, carving, engraving... to immortalize the qualities of elegance and excellence of all Christofle pieces.

Christofle collections to celebrate every occasion!

At Christofle House, the Art of Living is indeed an art, that of inventing a universe, taking pleasure in decorating a house, setting a table, sharing the good and the beautiful, and cultivating the happiness of each moment. Tableware, on the other hand, cannot be improvised. Mastered however, tableware distinguishes even the simplest of meals and transcends into the Art of sharing. Christofle House knows too well how to create, with elegance and know-how, exceptional tableware through all of its collections. We offer you the must-have pieces and objects from this large silver house, here are a few examples from our selection.

Among the House’s historical collections, we can cite the Christofle Marly cutlery collection. In tribute to Marly’s castle, one of the charming holiday resorts of Louis XIV in which he liked to receive his guests, the House launched this collection in 1896. Historical, but also very current, the Christofle Marly collection is undoubtedly of all collections, the one that best reflects the contemporary aspiration to celebrate nature. Finely engraved with plant motifs that express themselves asymmetrically, creating a remarkable decorative abundance, the Christofle Marly collection is typically in the "Rocaille" style. It is offered in a set of 5 cutleries for one person in sterling silver, and in a set of 24 or 48 silver metal table pieces for 6 or 12 people. The Christofle Marly collection table or serving cutlery is also offered individually, offering a wide choice: silver metal cake and ice cream shovel, sterling silver fork for serving fish, sterling silver soup ladle, and silver metal or solid silver carving fork and knife…

Qualified by the ultimate Empire cutlery model experts, the Christofle Malmaison collection inherits its name from the favorite holiday castle of Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor and Empress Josephine. Typical of the Empire style, one can only be seduced by the ornaments such as water leaves, openwork lotus flower... and the symmetrical decor structure. The Christofle Malmaison collection is widely available, from the individual butter dish to the ice cream bowl and the presentation plate in silver metal, to the chopstick holder and caviar service, via a solid silver cutlery set for 6 people… Malmaison is a great classic from Christofle house for an inspired table. Resolutely chic, the Christofle Malmaison collection gives its statutory imprint to the table and to all its lived moments!