Riviere House, designing luxurious leather and other precious

Riviere, based in Lombardy, Italy, produces exclusive handcrafted leather trays, leather boxes, and lacquered trays. With fascinating finesse, the House elegantly propagates Italian manners with the Riviere collections of everyday objects. It is the combination of different materials, hand braided leather, wood and acrylic, that makes the products so fine and so elegant. Riviere style is characterized by geometries inspired by Decoration Art with essential and balanced lines, combined with details highlighted by a touch with a graphic sign of great effect. All these characteristics allow us to assume different renderings that range from a more classic style to a more contemporary one.

Riviere is one of the Houses that make up our most refined proposals. This Italian manufacturer has a wide range of products as elegant and richly detailed that requires a high level of skills and a passion for quality. The Riviere style perfectly displays this talent in its trays, boxes, and leather accessories: some hand woven as on high quality leather trays, others artistically braided in filigree napkin rings. The dynamism of the Italian family culture is also reflected in the lacquered trays of Riviere collection, or the aesthetic and functional leather boxes.

Riviere, the excellence of Italian know-how

Riviere is a benchmark in Italian craftsmanship. Based in Lombardy, Rivière has been a master of traditional leather work for generations.

Riviere’s secret lies in perfect quality, precise details, clean and sophisticated lines, and an extraordinary combination of materials and finishes: superior leathers and suede, hand-polished lacquering, precious wood essences, sculpted acrylic crystal, pieces in fine silver or gold metal, natural bamboo roots, straws... all these materials are perfectly mixed to create exclusive pieces that are beautifully detailed. Nappa leather and calf leather are carefully selected from the best Italian tanneries, and all materials are chosen with strict criteria to always guarantee product excellence.

Riviere produces refined interior decoration accessories, handcrafted by the best Italian artisans using leather, wood, and other precious materials. Designed and produced in Milan, Riviere has unique collections of luxury accessories. Riviere style has a refined and incomparable character. The variety and preciousness of the leather finishes and the sophisticated color palette, give Riviere collections an original and distinctive personality. From the bedroom to the living room, including the table, office, bathroom and exterior, Riviere collections give a special touch of luxury and style to any interior.

Riviere is the perfect reflection of an Italian lifestyle: design, quality, and unique character. The manufacture excellence is immediately perceived and inspires the spirit to discover the links between tradition and the most innovative solutions of modern design. Each Riviere piece is carefully handcrafted in Italy by qualified craftsmen. A great experience and a confirmed passion are necessary to create and produce pieces of such elegance and manufacturing quality. The know-how is transmitted from one generation to the next, reflecting age-old traditions. The leather treatment and braiding, which represent the stylistic signature of the collection, is an art in itself executed by expert hands. When a piece is finished, it goes through precise quality control on several points, before being wrapped in a precious gift box. In accordance with its slogan « Style for Living », Riviere makes every effort to give an inimitable touch of luxury, style, and resolutely high-end quality to all its lacquered products, leather, and ebony wood. The House carefully selects its master craftsmen, and allows them to achieve their professionalism to the fullest during their working hours, instilling in each creation the passion and technicality that characterize it.

Riviere cultivates Italian elegance and quality through its collections

In this category dedicated to Riviere House, we offer you all the best of the know-how and unique character of Made in Italy, coming directly from the expert hands of their craftsmen. Riviere products and accessories have a refined and incomparable character, the variety and preciousness of the leather finishes, all made by hand, and the sophisticated color palette give all Riviere collections an original and unique temperament. Many of the fashion world’s current style elements have long been an integral part of the stylish and modern interior design style. Everyday items are adorned with braided leather, to form unique and luxurious pieces that combine wood, acrylic, and horn with skill and sophistication. Riviere's exclusive leather trays, flower vases, frames, leather boxes, and painted trays are all handmade and available in a wide color palette. Each product has a story that speaks of techniques from the past passed down from tradition, where love for high quality materials and passion for beautiful objects are combined.

Rivière relies on clear lines and loves detail in all its collections. The original combination of different materials is particularly attractive, ranging from the leather box with acrylic lid to the hand-woven leather and Macassar ebony tray. The elegant storage compartments are also very attractive: containers in which, for example, small accessories out of your pockets can be gently emptied onto quilted nappa leather. The Riviere style brings together objects for decoration and daily use, creative and practical, which enhance each room in your interior.