Robbe & Berking


Located in Flensburg in Germany, Robbe & Berking House is one of the greatest creators of solid silver tableware in recent centuries. Founded in 1874, the Manufacture is the perfect synonym for the unequaled quality « Handmade in Germany ». This family silver manufacture is known worldwide for the exceptional quality of each of its pieces. Pure style and top-quality craftsmanship have characterized the work of the German manufacturer Robbe & Berking since its very first years. It is not the limited possibilities of a rationalized mass production, but rather the experienced hands of the goldsmiths who determine the quality and shape of each piece at Robbe & Berking; this is simply what connoisseurs around the world are looking for. Robbe & Berking silver flatware, and other table accessories produced by the House are considered to be unmatched masterpieces of goldsmithery by experts around the world.

Robbe & Berking House is a goldsmith's house which owes its extraordinary reputation to its design and manufacturing quality to an exceptional level. We invite you to discover its most popular collections and pieces. Find on this page a wide selection of pieces, Robbe & Berking flatware that come in various designs and a wide variety of customization: tea / coffee service, fruit basket, salt and pepper set, flatware in 925 sterling silver, or solid silver… These are precious and traditional gifts to offer to a loved one or yourself for every occasion in life, goldsmithing can also be passed on from one generation to another…

Robbe & Berking, luxury crafts’ ambassador from Germany

It was in 1874 that Nicolaus Christoph Robbe founded the goldsmiths of Flensburg in Germany. He worked alone, supported only by his wife Luise. In his small workshop, he produces silver flatware and table accessories, ordered by jewelers from the Flensburget region and based on their drawings. He stood out for his modesty and skills. It was in 1897 that a very talented assistant was appointed: Robert Berking. He had learned the trade of goldsmith in his hometown and obtained his master craftsman's certificate. He married Henriette Robbe, Christoph's daughter, and took a 50% stake in the small business. The company's first period of strong growth has since started. The workshop then expanded, developed its own range of flatware and the first building of Sophienstrasse was built in Flensburg. If the market area has so far been limited around Flensburg, it will extend to Königsau (now Denmark) in the north, and to the border with Hamburg in the south. The workforce also increased rapidly, twelve assistants were working in the workshop in 1907.

Over the following decades, sustained efforts lead to the transformation of the small workshop into one of the most respected goldsmiths in northern Germany. In 1956, the Manufacture was forced to move into a larger factory building on Zur Bleich Street. From then on, Robbe & Berking went from a regional supplier to the largest European manufacturer of silver flatware. The range of designed models has achieved international recognition. Despite the widespread outsourcing of labor-intensive work processes in countries with low wage structures, the House still remains faithful to its own production processes, and in doing so, ensured that all pieces in silver and silver plates created by the company, are only produced in the workshops of Flensburg. From surface finishing or polishing to final quality control, it takes 60 to 80 hands before a single piece of flatware can be delivered to its future owners.

The experience acquired over five generations, combined with the most demanding designs, have resulted in one of the finest collections of silver flatware of our time. Today, Robbe & Berking is presented on the most luxurious and sophisticated tables in the world. In particular, «Top of the Top» hotels and restaurants are equipped by Robbe & Berking. Some of these are the «Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat» on the French Riviera, «The Modern» in New York, «Atlantis» in Dubai, and «The Dorchester» in London. At the same time, the German Goldsmith Factory is one of the most experienced partners in the field of special projects, such as the development of private luxury residences, yachts, and jets. Robbe & Berking is now one of the most iconic luxury brands in Germany.

Robbe & Berking master craftsmen’s touch produces an unrivaled work every time

We offer the Robbe & Berking collections for a good reason; all of their products simply meet the highest quality and design requirements. Although less scarce, silver has sometimes been more precious than gold. Money has lost none of its fascination to date. Its white color and radiant shine continue to appeal today, as it did thousands of years ago. Silverware and goldsmithing are among the oldest metal trades. These professions require the greatest work and artistic creativity. The best materials and the goldsmithing art continue to make the difference in terms of the unsurpassed quality of each Robbe & Berking piece.

Robbe & Berking is an uncompromising quality label, combined with German manufacturing. The masterpieces of the Robbe & Berking silver flatware collection show that much of the great old masters’ skill is still alive. A simple look at a single piece from the Flensburg workshops proudly advocates the high degree of craftsmanship and dedication to perfection necessary for all manufacturing. Teapots, cups, silver plates… a flatware design that ranks among the most famous in Europe. Each piece is unique and refers to the House's great tradition of making silver.