GioBagnara is a brand that has successfully redefined home accessories and furnishings with Italian craftsmanship.  This brand is a favorite amongst superior clientele that includes interior designers, yacht outfitters, and boutique hotels. Whether you are looking to create a modern, contemporary, or traditional home-style, GioBagnara gives a luxurious twist to your interiors.

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GioBagnara House for timeless and luxurious home furniture

GioBagnara is a brand that has successfully redefined accessories and home furnishings with its Italian know-how. It is one of the favorite Houses of prestigious clients, including interior designers, yacht suppliers, and large luxury hotels. The factory produces exclusive home accessories and furniture using quality leather from the fashion world. GioBagnara products are entirely handmade in Italy. The wide GioBagnara collection ranges from elegant decorative items and office accessories, to the famous GioBagnara leather boxes, table ornaments, and small GioBagnara furniture.

Whether you are looking to create a modern, contemporary or traditional home style, GioBagnara gives a luxurious touch to any interior. In its collections, leather, which is often omnipresent, adorns storage compartments, trays, champagne buckets, chargers, hangers, trolleys, desk sets, games, and even furniture such as table stools. But GioBagnara also goes further and designs exceptional pieces by entirely dressing coffee machines or living spaces. No wonder why big companies and high-end hotels call on the Italian brand!

GioBagnara offers the best of Italian craftsmanship

The real growth of GioBagnara House began in 1990, when the factory started to produce high-quality household items. Giorgio Bagnara, raised in a beautiful culture of the art of living, quickly developed a passion for a noble and particular material: leather. At the end of the 90s, after having noticed that this material from the fashion industry was not sufficiently considered as a material for home accessories, Giorgio Bagnara wasted no time in creating GioBagnara with the aim of applying and introducing leather into a complete collection of accessories and furniture. If formerly known as B-Home Interiors, GioBagnara quickly began to specialize in high-end pieces, and focused on the production of leather goods. With his wife Vanessa, Giorgio Bagnara decided to move his studios and design workshops to the old quays of the Genoa port where, surrounded by the essence and beauty of this place, the company took a big step forward.

Giorgio Bagnara was born into a family specializing in the creation of products adapted to the art of living. As a passionate craftsman himself, he quickly identified the market needs for creating home accessories with leather products. This approach to tradition and modernity has led Giorgio Bagnara to experiment: he constantly pushes the technical limits in his quest for objects that are both beautiful and relevant, and thus relies on the company’s craftsmen skills. Very quickly, the House was renowned for its expertise, and its founder became a partner of choice for a large number of interior decorators and designers of yachts and jets, who called on his expertise for special orders, if we only mention GioBagnara furniture.

Giorgio Bagnara and Stéphane Parmentier; an interior designer, meeting also marked a real turning point for GioBagnara. The designer was appointed Artistic Director, to infuse creativity, rigor, and refinement into the creations. In 2015, GioBagnara House expanded its leather portfolio with the acquisition of the saddle leather specialist Rabitti 1969. Since 2019, GioBagnara collaborates with Belgian architect Glenn Sestig, resulting in a unique, large, and varied collection which is resolutely urban and contemporary; the materials are exclusive, and their combinations are fresh and unique. Today, three decades after its foundation, GioBagnara offers one of the most complete home leather accessories on the market.

It is often difficult to resist GioBagnara creations!

GioBagnara is distinguished by creations with an elegant design expressing an unostentatious luxury, by a high level production combining traditional know-how and advanced technology. The collaboration with Glenn Sestig, known by being contemporary chic, has resulted in a homogeneous but extremely varied collection. It is the manifesto of interaction between elegance and substance, and where natural elements such as dark stained Canaletto walnut wood, travertine, cashmere, and wool play a soft symphony of luxury craftsmanship, advocating both serenity and aesthetics.

The House has an extensive collection of leather goods for all home areas. Its real asset is that all these items are available in a wonderful selection of contemporary shades. GioBagnara furniture, trays, thermos, placemats, coasters... and also more unusual than aesthetic items, like the GioBagnara boxes for various uses, the shoe trunk for yachts...

In very high quality leather, the choice of offered models is limitless. They have over 500 items carefully made from over 150 varieties of leather, and different colors. From soap dispensers which are essential bathroom accessories, to round leather coasters for your table, their impressive leather collections are simply elegant. From stingray leather products to waterproof calfskin leather, GioBagnara produces interior decoration items for contemporary homes.

The GioBagnara leather trays, for example, are a superb demonstration of Italian craftsmanship with a timeless design. Furniture lovers particularly love the elegant multicolored GioBagnara Harris boxes. This flexible and practical furniture can be used on any occasion, and can be used as an ideal support for a suitcase or a stool. All of these meticulously handcrafted products are tough and waterproof. In our selection, you can make a choice from a wide range of leather varieties and colors to create an interior that suits you!