Have you ever had the chance to discover Smeg appliances? Established over 70 years ago, Smeg is a leading Italian home appliance manufacturer. Found by Vittorio Bertazzoni from Guastalla, Smeg is a brand that has grown with distributions worldwide

As one of the leading home appliance manufacturers, Smeg is a brand that started in the 19th century as blacksmiths, before venturing into building cookers. In the later 1950s, they introduced the first gas cookers with switch-on function. This was followed by laundry and dishwasher range in 1970. Smeg eventually grew into an internationally renowned brand with a wide array of innovative home appliances. Smeg is currently run by the third generation of Bertazzoni entrepreneurs

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A Stylishly Innovative Concept for Home Appliances

Attention to details and unique design concepts are two key factors that make Smeg a product of choice. The aesthetics and style of these home appliances are simply outstanding. Smeg appliances are designed by renowned architects and designers like Guido Canali and Mario Bellini amongst many others. Even more, the reason why they take the center stage of every functional home. 

Combining technology with style is at the core of the brand. Smeg appliances are carefully designed to meet necessities like top performance, functions, aesthetics and most importantly environmental concerns. Every Smeg item or product showcase the excellence of Italian design. The brands' commitment to bringing an everyday object to life is fulfilled without compromising on the aesthetics. 

Sabrina Monet Carlo's Attempt to Capture the Best Italian Style in Home Appliances

Sabrina Monte Carlo aims to offer the finest of products that are highly durable and aesthetically admirable to the customers. Every Smeg appliance has three strong characteristics, Know-how, creativity, and style. They have shaped the trends for stylish home appliances according to the market trend. 

Sabrina Monte Carlo offers exclusivity on the Smeg and Dolce Gabbana product lines for all kitchen appliances. Their creatively designed products are the star of every kitchen. Some of their aesthetic lines include: 

Piano Design, stunning designs for home appliances from Smeg that redefines your architecture

• Portofino, adds vibrant colors to brighten up your kitchen

• Dolce Stil Novo, advanced technological solutions with an aesthetic concept

• Linea, symmetrical designs of home appliances that can optimize the space 

• 50's Retro style, vibrant colors and retro designs to spruce up your home

• Contemporary and many more

Find your Favorite Smeg Appliance

All of Smeg's product range is carefully designed to make it easy to use and efficiently manage resources. Their cutting-edge solutions for home appliances are sure to make you fall in love with their products. Whether you choose a refrigerator of Art by Dolce & Gabbana and Smeg or one of their aesthetic product lines, Smeg appliances are sure to transform the space that they occupy

You can choose from their different design lines to add color and evoke an ambiance of contemporary living. The stylish features and technologically advanced products have made Smeg an iconic brand worldwide. If you are looking for more interior decoration inspiration and premium product lines, check out some of our other brands.