Aerin, Where Old World Glamour Meets European Modern Designs

Founded by Aerin Lauder, Aerin is a brand that was developed to meet her vision of beautiful living that. As the granddaughter of Estée Lauder, Aerin Lauder was always surrounded by beauty and luxury lifestyle. As she developed her signature brand Aerin, she added the much desire elements of pretty aesthetic, a tinge of glamour and refined quality to all her products. Aerin's interior selection has a carefully crafted old-school glamour appeal to it. The brand has evolved over the last few years into a leading global luxury lifestyle brand. From timeless picture frames to stunning vases, Aerin has a wide array of home decor choices.

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Stylish Home with Sabrina Monte Carlo's

Sabrina Monte Carlo has collaborated with the brand Aerin to feature their signature collections both instore and online. Their simple and elegant designs that can make a statement are a favorite amongst the interior designers for luxury homes. From home decor to tableware, Aerin features products that can express your personal style. Some of our favorites from their extensive collection are: 

Whether you choose to add a touch of elegance in the hallway using Aerin vase or use your favorite Aerin tray for an upcoming elegant dinner party, this brand is sure to add subtle lines of extravagance to your space. Browse our website for more home decor inspiration. Shop for stylish home accents and decor by Aerin from Sabrina Monte Carlo's today!