Sabrina Monte Carlo is an interior design studio based in Monaco with over 20 years of experience. An internationally recognized interior designer, Sabrina Monte Carlo provides assistance to her clients in their residential, retail and yacht design projects. Discover here the French tableware brand Lalique, thanks to a selection made by Sabrina Monte Carlo, in order to revitalise your interior decoration and help you warmly welcome your guests.

LALIQUE Crystal, unique and timeless style collections!

Considered as the flagship of French crystal glassware, Lalique House shines all over the world through its many works and more particularly by the undefeated title of Lalique crystal, resulting from a unique know-how. From decorative objects to perfumes, including art, interior architecture, and jewelry, the Lalique House today is based on these five main pillars. Thanks to a team of passionate designers, the house creates exceptional pieces; among them Sabrina Monte-Carlo finds the famous Lalique vases or Lalique glasses with their own characteristics and always recognizable ... From the picking to the signature, including both the hot and cold works, the house works with respect and concern to perpetuate the expertise of Lalique crystal.

Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers you our selection of Lalique crystal which comes in several collections and several styles. Discover all the art of Lalique signed tableware: Lalique glass with legs, goblets, carafes and table accessories ... Choose your decorative objects from our large selection, for example opt for a Lalique vase that combines the useful with a resolutely contemporary design …

Lalique crystal, a unique and timeless know-how

René Lalique, a genius artist and creator of modern jewelry, has not only marked the history of the decorative arts. He has also passed with equal success from the New Art to Decorative Art; his jewelry, sculptures and all other works are exchanged today for gold prices by collectors.

At 16, René Lalique entered professional life, quite naturally with a jeweler for a two-year apprenticeship. Always striving for perfection, the young apprentice did not hesitate to take evening classes at the School of Decorative Arts in Paris. Attracted by glass, the budding artist took over the management of Sydenham for the Crystal Palace Art School at the age of 18. It was then that he returned to France after two years, and began his original creations, which were immediately noticed all around Paris. His avant-garde designs are distinguished among a certain intellectual, artistic and worldly elite. But soon, his passion for glassmaking will dictate the second part of his career with his favorite field; white and colorless molded glass.

It was then in 1921 that René Lalique founded his Manufacture in Wingen-sur-Moder, in Alsace, a region with a glass tradition. Very different from those of other famous glassmakers of the time, such as the Daum brothers or Émile Gallé, the Lalique crystal is also in complete reaction with other major French crystal works, and the originality of the Lalique works makes them real art works. Since its very first year, the house perpetuates an artisanal know-how, but the crystal factory has also diversified its works in order to adapt to the new world.

Sculpture, Lalique glass, Lalique vase… the works concern the decorative world. Throughout the manufacturing process, the pieces are chosen and sorted very rigorously while respecting the creation spirit. The works follow a choreography with precise movements, repeated many times, in which each worker has his/her role. First, the molten material is picked using a long cane, then cut while still incandescent, imperfections are corrected, and then the material is shaped. Afterwards, the object is baked, polished, its reliefs are emphasized, and then it is checked and rechecked. Finally, the Lalique signature will be affixed freehand, using a diamond point, proof of its authenticity and quality. Today, in the Wingen-sur-Moder factory, incandescent material comes out again and again from crystal marvels: Lalique crystal ... The guideline drawn by the founder René Lalique, has always been kept over time, even if the collections are modernized.

Discover the art of Lalique table through our glass selection

It is in particular to develop tableware, that René Lalique established his factory in Wingen-sur-Moder in 1921. Services are produced in series, many of which are named after Alsatian cities such as Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Colmar, etc. It even brings the Lalique crystal into all sectors of life! All the pieces that come out, call out for their complexity, revealing astonishing contrasts between « transparent glass » and « satin glass ».

Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers a wide selection of Lalique glasses: water glasses, wine glasses, shot glasses, champagne glasses, etc. Among other things, the Wingen Tumbler shot glass service is based on a glass service with the same name, created by René Lalique in the 1920s. Arranged in rhythmic rigor, the dotted lines in satin-polished crystal, emblematic of Lalique, display their timeless elegance. The Children's shot glass goblet, in white molded-pressed satin glass, is simply magnificent. Thanks to the contrast between transparency and satin finishing, the crystal comes to life and becomes expressive; it plays with light and shade, and offers multiple possibilities of nuances and reliefs…

Find a wide choice of vases reflecting the very recognizable Lalique style!

The Lalique vase continues to seduce as a decorative crystal object for interiors and exceptional gifts. Although Lalique House has diversified into jewelry, art, and perfume in addition to interior decoration, Lalique vases still represent this unmatched expertise and beauty of Lalique crystal, thanks to a team of passionate designers, and talented workers.

Find a large choice of vase models from Lalique House in our selection. Our collection includes the Mossi vase, an industrial draft proof in transparent and satin white glass. Created by René Lalique in 1933, the Mossi vase is an integral part of the crystal factory’s heritage. This model is the perfect synthesis of contemporary art, with a real signature. With its Kaleidoscope effect and creative genius, the Mossi vase is also an ideal and perfect synthesis of modernity in the applied arts. Among the main works of Lalique vases, we can also cite the Peonies vases and cups. A union of brute force and delicacy, opposing square shape and curved lines of carved patterns, this type of models contrasts mineral power and floral sweetness. Their modeling also evokes the process of sculpture in Lost Wax; in which the craftsman breaks the plaster mold in order to reveal the piece of work. And what about the Cherry Blossom vase? We can only simply marvel at this centerpiece of interior decoration. Illuminated in gold and highlighted with freehand applied enamel, the cherry blossoms symbolize the ephemeral nature of beauty and life...