Sabrina Monte-Carlo

Sabrina Monte Carlo- Monaco's finest one-stop interior decoration studio that one can think of!

Monaco-home to Sabrina Monte Carlo!

Monaco is the land dedicated to luxuries. It is known as Billionaire's Playground for all the right reasons. Be it casinos, super yachting, the ever-famous Monaco Grand Prix, or the Monaco Yacht Show, it has every luxe attraction that one can dream about. Not to forget, that Sabrina Monte Carlo also takes account of the luxury that Monaco has to offer to its visitors.

For those of you who don't know, Sabrina Monte Carlo is a high-end interior decoration studio owned by the super finest interior decorator of all times, Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino. With a network of four showrooms spread between Monaco and Cape Ferrat, Sabrina deals with a curated range of high-end fabrics, furniture, home accessories, light fixtures, wallpapers, and bedding. At Sabrina Monte Carlo, you will find the products of the most famous manufacturers, such as Paola Lenti, Lalique, Hermès, and Baccarat, to name a few. It won't be wrong to call Sabrina Monte Carlo a one-stop studio for all interior and exterior decoration needs.

Who is Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino?

Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino, a Monaco local and an interior designing maestro, is one of those profound interior decorators who breathe and live interior decoration. For Monica, an interior only needs a sharp eye for design and details, not merely an academic record.

Born to Italian parents, Monica grew up and completed her studies in Monaco. It is safe to say that she has inherited her taste of fashion and interior design from her parents. Monica's father was a fine tailor, and her mother used to design and stitch fine-tailored dresses for Monaco's riches. She started off her career in the fashion industry with a boutique, but soon she started selling decorative items as well. It was at that time that Sabrina realized her passion lies in interior design. She bid farewell to her rather successful fashion career and launched an interior design studio Sabrina monte Carlo in 1995. Since then, Sabrina is not only ruling over national but international forums too as one of those few interior designers who focus primarily on high-end outdoor decor. Over time, she has taken into account interiors as well and has created a lot of statements by combining her fabric expertise and a sharp eye. Her projects have been featured in the most recognized publications such as Elle Decor, Showboats, Boat International, and Artravel, to name a few.

Sabrina transformed her entity, Sabrina Monte Carlo, into a true family business over time. Her sister Sophie has also joined her team as a chief interior decorator. Moreover, her daughters, Carla and Manola, are also establishing themselves as interior and graphic designers respectively.

The good news is that Sabrina Monte Carlo has got its online interface as well. In 2009, Sabrina launched her first e-store dedicated to decorative accessories and the art of tableware. She also offers international deliveries, a much praiseworthy act by her international fandom.

The team behind Sabrina Monte Carlo deco:

A little has been said about Sabrina's team. Sabrina takes pride in providing her clients with the most complete servicetogether with a team of around thirty talented, aspiring, and multilingual professionals. Her team is made up of fabric specialists, naval architects, interior designers, graphic designers, tableware experts, logistic managers, and a delivery team. With such dedicated manpower, there is no doubt that Sabrina maintains the quality of all of her services.

What does Sabrina Monte Carlo decor reflect?

Here is a sneak peek of Sabrina's decoration style; vibrant color palettes, contemporary lines, and elegance. Her work reminds us of the chic Mediterranean lifestyle, which is indeed Sabrina's prime inspiration. She is also known for different and interesting effects for exteriors and gardens.

Those who have visited Sabrina Monte Carlo deco must have noticed that she has decorated all of her showrooms in an uncluttered and clear manner, which is synonymous with her sharp and eye-catching personality. With an intelligent studio layout, clients shop at Sabrina Monte Carlo without falling for any fuss. The array of selections featuring Christofle, Daum, Ercuis, Baccarat, Berking, Lalique, Puiforcat, and Robbe can be daunting.

Sabrina herself is quite unique as her Sabrina Monte Carlo. She has not only a flair for interiors but she also keeps a shrewd understanding of business. That's what made her reach the top of the game.

Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino's expertise and projects.

Let's have a look at the portfolio built by Sabrina over her thirty years of successful interior designing career. Her career features distinct projects including grand palaces in the Middle East, contemporary villas in the French Riviera, private jets, and chalets in the Swiss Alps. However, yacht designing is her specialty which constitutes around 65% of her business. Every year, Sabrina supplies yacht furniture, accessories, and other fixtures from Sabrina Monte Carlo to many of the famous yachts of the world. To this date, Sabrina has decorated over 150 yachts.

Sabrina usually finishes her yachts and in a warm and elegant theme. The interior demonstrates a feel-at-home style, thanks to the cozy and poised interior. Sabrina and her team plan everything well that is needed onboard and consider many factors for a foolproof decoration. Say, Sabrina prefers fireproof fabric, match the colors of indoor and outdoor areas to give the yacht an extended feel of living space, chooses such furniture that may withstand the toughest weather, and also give some final touches as per the owner's personality.

At Sabrina Monte-Carlo, Sabrina and her team work hard to execute such proposals that answer the client's preferences, tastes, and requirements. They also take into account the age, culture, and family status of the clients to be more precise. As per Sabrina, people prefer less sharp and glass furniture pieces for their family-owned yachts. Party animals demand loose furniture on the large decks.

All in all, Sabrina Monte-Carlo can be counted for the best advice and expertise in Monaco. There is no doubt that Sabrina Monte-Carlo is here to stay!