Daum Art Glass: History of the Brand

Since 1878, Daum has created iconic luxury crystal pieces with incredible designs. Their designs have been an integral part of home decors and have been adorned as classic pieces. When Jean Daum in Nancy, France launched the brand in 1878, he never envisioned it to be a dominating market player in the French decorative arts industry. This unique enterprise soon started expanding globally with their handmade glasswork products.

In the 1930s, Antonin’s son Michel Daum introduced crystal, a blend of glass and lead oxide to create glassware for the ocean liner. With new design possibilities, the brand soon replaced glass with crystal in depicting their work. Daum being a legend glassmaker, he has invested in creating pieces of art with crystal and colors.

Adapting the historic pâte de verre technique gave them the flexibility to create sculptural quality designs for their products. As the only crystal maker in the world who has mastered this process, they have also made several improvisations to create intense colors and bring subtle shading too. Their art glass and crystal sculptures are world-renowned designs that are masterpieces. In 1893, they decided to display their spectacular collection of cameo glass samples in the Art Nouveau style, at the World’s Columbian Exposition held in Chicago. This gained them a much worthy brand reputation and international attention. 

Daum, an exceptional manufacturer of iconic crystal glassware!

Glassware Art still captivates as much, both by its varied and lively compositions as by its meticulous rendering of the smallest detail. Since 1878, Daum House has created iconic luxury crystal pieces with incredible designs. Their creations were an integral part of the interior decorations, and have risen to the rank of the great classics of Luxury. Being a legendary master glassmaker, Daum has maintained a love relationship with the greatest artists of his time for over a century, offering their works a second life of crystal and color, because yes, Daum represents color, light, beauty, and scarcity. In essence, all the pieces are iconic!

Whether you are looking for a Daum vase collection, or for the unique contemporary creations in Daum glass paste, our selection offers you a wide choice of products. Inspired by nature, flora and fauna, and bringing out the forest’s vibrant colors, Daum has mastered the art of detail and reinterpretation. Browse with us some of the best interior design products from the world of Daum House.

Daum, an exceptional manufacturer

The story begins in 1878, when Jean Daum bought the industrial company Avril Bertrand & Co, Nancy's first glassware. The company did not take the name "Daum et fils" until 1883, shortly after son Auguste Daum joined his father. But it was in 1891 that production really gained the arts’ domain. When Jean Daum launched his factory, he never imagined that it would be a dominant player in the market in the French decorative arts industry. This unique House quickly started to develop on a global scale with its handmade Daum glass products.

The Daum crystal factory obtained mastery of glass, in the century’s last years. The multiplicity of processes allows it to play on the transparency and opacity of the raw or worked material, surface or deep colors with infinite variations on what is offered by nature. During the Universal Exhibition of Colombia held in Chicago in 1893, the House decided to exhibit its spectacular collection of amber glass samples in the new Art style. This has earned it a brand reputation and a worthy international attention.

In the 1930s, the grandson, Michel Daum, introduced crystal, a mixture of glass and lead oxide to create glassware for ocean liner. With new design possibilities, the brand quickly replaced glass with crystal to represent its work. Daum being a House of legend has invested in works of art creation with crystal and colors. Daum specificity, copied but never equaled, crystal paste, a precious material which gives the object a sculptural dimension, has never stopped developing. Crystal paste has the particularity of adding translucency to the shapes it reproduces. The brilliance of this material, the intensities of colors, and its shaded tones give it all its singularity. The adaptation of the historic technique of the famous Daum glass paste gave Daum house the flexibility to create sculptural quality designs for its products. As the only crystallizer in the world to master this process, Daum also performed several improvisations to create intense colors and bring subtle nuances. The Daum glass and crystal sculptures are world famous creations which are masterpieces.

The Daum crystal glassworks (Nancy) is certainly a name that marked the decorative arts, a dynasty specializing in glass paste. Established in Vannes-le-Châtel, the Daum factory perpetuates its know-how through its collections: Daum vases, glasses, and also cups, and sculptures... Daum glass paste has taken the house into an artistic adventure in constant renewal. Capitalizing on contemporary interior trends, Daum glass has evolved as a classic brand that is also a collector’s choice.

The crystal brilliance and colors’ intensity give each Daum glass piece its unique character

Daum universe is made up of different crystal collections: interior architecture, art editions, floral collections, animal sculptures, gifts, and jewelry. Daum, as a brand that has survived exceptionally well for centuries, has collaborated with over 350 artists and designers to create beautiful pieces. Their unique collection ranges from Daum vases in French crystal, to Daum decorative lighting that completely changes your interiors’ aesthetics, including all possible Daum glass sculptures. Add a touch of elegance and luxury to your interior through these expressive strong works of art. We have put together for you, a selection of exceptional pieces that have made Daum House famous, but also new products that seduce you so much with the quintessence of their beauty.

Discover for example the Daum Ginkgo vase collection which is available in two colors: green and amber. The fan-shaped leaves of the Gingko, flexible and carried by a long petiole, are bright green in spring and summer, before taking on a sumptuous golden yellow color in autumn, which gives it its name of the « tree of a thousand ecus ».

The Cactus collection seduces with its elegant lines, both modern and realistic. Sometimes through deep colors and other times refined, the Daum vases series seduces both by its shapes and touches of sweet colors. It is an extraordinary cactus garden where the crystal delicacy contrasts with the cactus strength. The intense colors and meticulous details reflect the beauty of nature, and the know-how of Daum craftsmen.

As Daum House never ceases to pay tribute to nature, animal representation has been one of the Manufacture's favorite themes since the beginning of the 20th century: Goldfish, Tortoise, Mallard Duck, Mini Reindeer... are all pieces of sculpture which can only seduce you...