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Giorgetti, the best quality and timeless made in Italy furniture.

Incomparable style functional and contemporary pieces, integrating the highest tradition of craftsmanship, and woodworking with the use of the most modern production technologies, the Giorgetti style lives serenely in any place, eliminating cultural and timeless distances. Giorgetti's tradition dates back over 100 years, when it started its activity in Brianza. Today, the House continues to forge ahead with innovation, preserving the heritage of its cabinetmaking experience.

Giorgetti products are functional and made with durable quality materials. The handcrafted Made in Italy brand goes beyond the logic of the standard product, and guarantees a high level of customization of Giorgetti furniture, among others. Giorgetti is also a whole range of decorative objects, and even beyond, a real way of life. Discover the full extent of prestigious Italian House collections.

Giorgetti: a tradition of more than a century...

Giorgetti is a company with more than a hundred years of history, fruit of a reality in a territory, known by hard work and entrepreneurship that is Meda. Telling the Giorgetti story means telling the economic and evolutionary story of Meda, a town in Brianza located about thirty kilometers north of Milan. Meda's craft activity started in the countryside thanks to the farmers who made extra money by creating work utensils and furniture.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Meda was an established furniture center, and was able to compete with French manufactured products, thanks to quality products, working techniques, and increasingly refined wood finishes. This significant improvement in local manufacturing can be attributed to the arrival of the best masters from art schools in Paris, Venice, and Milan. In addition, there was the municipal school of design and sculpture, as well as the parish school. It is in this historical context that Luigi Giorgetti began his entrepreneurial adventure. Initially, he opened a shop in Piazza Volta with about 8 workers, and then in 1898, he founded his first factory in Via Manzoni.

In the following decades, new exchange channels were opened which increased the circulation of local manufactured products, and brought new ideas and models of reproduction to the region. Giorgetti was able to initially export semi-finished carved products to the American market, benefiting from a standard production system. And around the 1960s, the company began producing and exporting finished products, while continuing to rework and produce classic models, always maintaining product quality.

In 1980, Giorgetti launched the Matrix collection, a line of furniture that was immediately characterized by very innovative graphics which showed a willingness to face innovation freely, fleeing trends and fashion. But it was not until the early 1990s that the real turning point came. Giorgetti began collaborating with architects, urban planners, and intellectuals who had never designed furniture before. Giorgetti has simply always been synonymous with art. This is also verified by the choice to not collaborate with designers, but to do with professionals capable of interpreting and updating the Italian tradition of « beautiful drawing ».

The first Outdoor collection; Open-air designed by Giorgetti, was presented at IMM Cologne fair in 2017. The Apsara collection received the title of « Choice of the year » of the Edida Prize (Elle Deco International Design Awards), selected by Elle Decoration Russia, and the title of « Best Exterior » selected by Elle Decoration China.

In 2018, Giorgetti acquired Battaglia Interior Contractors (actueli Battaglia), the historic Italian firm, specializing in the creation of interior designs for homes, hotels, retail, and nautical industry. This has enabled Giorgetti to respond more and more effectively to requests for turnkey solutions. Sharing with Giorgetti a vision of excellence that focuses on the best quality materials, attention to detail, and creation of a timeless aesthetic, Battaglia is able to provide refined interior solutions for large living spaces which demonstrate the value of Made in Italy design.

Today, Giorgetti's unique and immediately identifiable style is internationally recognized. The years have seen the birth of products specially adapted for executive offices, exclusive solutions, and contractual projects. Giorgetti has 7 workshops, the first in Milan, and the others in Antwerp, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Rome, and Guangzhou.

Tradition, innovation, and attention to detail are reflected in Giorgetti furniture

Giorgetti's uniqueness lies in its ability to integrate quality and innovation into its life. A space with Giorgetti furniture never appears to be an aseptic space, without personality; on the contrary, it provides elegance, sobriety, and decision spirit. Its furnishing style can be immediately identified and defined as « the Giorgetti style », unique and original, characterized at the source by its atypical character.

These values ​​materialize in products that move away from the ordinary to create exclusive and versatile solutions, while respecting a refined and incomparable character that seduces with the beauty of its contrasts. Thanks to the passion for detail, an intrinsic high quality in terms of technology and materials, but also in the quality of the design that makes each element unique, pieces free from formal conventions can be created and can coexist beautifully side by side anywhere.

The Giorgetti collections are a pure example of Made and Manufactured in Italy. From design, creativity and style, to actual production, the entire production process is entirely made in Italy by highly qualified personnel with great skills in the furniture sector. In addition, the innovative machinery used in the production of the Giorgetti collections, makes it possible to shape the wood while respecting its nature, and guaranteeing absolute precision in the details. In addition to the irreplaceable work of artisans which adds to Giorgetti products the appeal of unique handmade pieces...