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Known for its dedication to smart design and exceptional craftsmanship, Glyn Peter Machin's contemporary, classic, and sophisticated style has revolutionized the art of decorating both indoors and outdoors. With over 20 years of experience, Glyn Peter Machin is a leader in custom furniture and product design, always pushing attention to detail a step further. The pieces that emerge from its eponymous studio are lessons in patience, experimentation, and art. Imagination is everything, creativity is the engine, but nothing leaves the studio until it is perfect!

Glyn Peter Machin designs and develops high-end interior and exterior pieces and furniture. In addition to being able to supply customers worldwide from its ever-evolving brand of luxury goods, the Glyn Peter Machin studio specializes in custom design and manufacturing. When it comes to looking for a truly one-of-a-kind piece of furniture imbued with passion and artistry, one can bet on Glyn Peter Machin's know-how. The best woods, veneers, precious metals, and other traditional materials with advanced technological finishes and modern composites combine to create luxury indoor and outdoor furniture, both custom and artisanal-inspired accessories with various breathtaking renderings!

Glyn Peter Machin pushes the boundaries of art and design

Housed in a charming 19th century Copenhagen boathouse overlooking one of the city's winding canals, Glyn and his studio create unique pieces for the world's most discerning clients. After five years on the Upper East Side in New York and a period in London, the Glyn Peter Machin studio has indeed relocated to the Danish capital.

Born and educated in England, now residing in design-oriented Scandinavia, Glyn has received numerous awards and several US patents for design and technical function. Following in the footsteps of modern Danish icons such as Hans Wegner, Glyn was first trained as a furniture maker before entering the design world.

Successful collaborations with large international companies have brought distinctive form and function to the lives of many people. In the Glyn Peter Machin studio, inspiration, creation, and expressive forms evolve from different types of hardwoods, steel, aluminum, rattan, leather, upholstery, and modern resins. The Glyn Peter Machin studio has a catalog of iconic creations, and existing designs can be perfectly adapted to the customers’ wishes and desires. The greatest experience the studio can offer is indeed one where the client is taken on a creative journey from concept to completion. Ordering a custom-made piece of furniture is a deeply human experience; one where clients can indulge and express their core passions in a form that is entirely unique to them. A unique practitioner in the art of storytelling through design and craftsmanship, Glyn Peter Machin studio's work distinguishes between art and design, adapting to the style and requirements of each client.

In order to achieve the endless diversity of its work, Glyn Peter Machin has become a master in the fusion of traditional and modern techniques and materials. In addition to its own dedicated workshop in the province of Denmark specializing in woodworking, the studio has cultivated a network of artists and specialists around the world. From glassblowers in Murano and cabinetmakers in England, to experts in decorative steel and carbon fiber, its collective of craftsmen share its passion for excellence and is a crucial part of bringing every design to life.

The influence of the studio's designs is still evident throughout its work. However, this influence goes beyond mere aesthetics. Indeed, Glyn argues that they don't have a signature style at all. Instead, the essence of Glyn Peter Machin can be seen in the elegant, yet sturdy shapes, finishes, materials, and most importantly, quality. The studio's close attention to detail means that its signature lies mostly in what cannot be seen, rather than the other way around.

Glyn and his studio create pieces for projects on land and at sea, but their reputation for custom-made designs has been especially forged in the superyacht industry. Since his first Monaco Yacht Show over 15 years ago, the designer and his studio have been involved in countless superyacht projects, designing custom outdoor furniture for yachts from 40m to 160m.

Functionality and material splendor are combined with craftsmanship

The Glyn Peter Machin collections represent functional precision, personalization, and individualism within each object created. Each design evokes visual art while emphasizing the importance of details.

Take the example of the famous TYC001R director's chair launched by the studio. This is one of his iconic designs that you can see on the pages of most furniture catalogs in one form or another. Lightweight and easily foldable with crossed legs, it is a timeless and functional piece. Recently, the TYC001R model is available in Anthracite Edition, and becomes TYC001 presenting a new finish for a modern classic. The old and humble TYC001R looks more glamorous than ever with glossy charcoal lacquer, polished stainless steel details, and custom quilted padding.

One of the studio's many finishing styles is also perfectly exemplified by the TYC185 lounge chair. The difficult fusion of teak, high gloss lacquer, and 316 stainless steel is undoubtedly a winning combination, an innovation pioneered by Glyn Peter Machin for many years.

Within the range of Glyn Peter Machin accessories, one can find limited edition and custom pieces, encompassing traditional craftsmanship and craft skills from around the world. These include a series of brightly colored glass lamps, which merge Scandinavian simplicity of form with the age-old glassblowing techniques of Murano, Venice. There is also a series of vessels, vases, and bowls of different sizes, forged by the same process, a collection of hand-cut crystal vases 30 mm thick…