Assouline Books: Welcome to The Epicureans’ Corner 

Looking for beautiful books for your personal library? Assouline has a lot to offer! Its unique combination of aesthetical covers as well as rich and various lifestyle contents has made Assouline books a very special brand for epicureans and decoration lovers.  

Created in the early 90s, the publishing house is now globally known as a reference in luxury cultural books. Their special editions with hardcover books and collections are sold worldwide and have been published in a large variety of themes. 

Assouline books, precious collections created with a unique design

Founded in the early 90s, the Assouline publishing house is today known worldwide as a reference in luxury cultural books. Their special editions with hardcover books and collections are sold worldwide, and have been published in a wide variety of themes. Assouline has actively contributed since its very beginnings to a revolution of publishing houses, by creating books-objects of the highest quality whose graphic identity and editorial know-how have captured the imagination, tackling new themes in a contemporary way. An Assouline book is both resolutely a decoration and inspiration object in a living room or bedroom.

Sabrina Montecarlo dedicate this category to all epicureans; Assouline has a lot to offer you! If you are looking for masterpieces for your personal library, the unique combination of aesthetic covers, as well as rich content with different lifestyles has made Assouline books a very special imprint, both for epicureans and decoration lovers.

Whether you are a fan of gastronomy, fashion, design or architecture, you will find an Assouline treasure that will make your library shine…

Pierre Assouline is a long-awaited commentator on cultural life. At the same time biographer, novelist, columnist, radio producer, teacher… his blog "The Republic of books" is one of the most followed on the Web. It was from the 1980s that Pierre Assouline got closer to the literary world, becoming literary advisor to Balland editions (1984-1986) and writing several books on recent cultural history, starting with a biography of Gaston Gallimard (1984). He also joined the Lire magazine in 1985 and became the editorial director in 1993. Previously in 1992, Pierre Assouline’s biography of Georges Simenon was authoritative, and he devoted a SIMENON Autodictionary to him in 2009, as well as a documentary called: Le Siècle de Simenon in 2014. Several of his theatrical adaptations of Simenon's novels are produced by France Culture, in collaboration with the actors of the Comédie-Française.

In 2014, Martine and Prosper Assouline created Assouline House in London as a refuge for those looking for style, culture, and the art of living. Assouline House has it all: an exclusive line of Assouline Interiors’ furniture, limited edition gift items, and old collectibles. In addition to the carefully organized shelves filled with the latest Assouline book releases and rare first editions of classic titles, visitors can browse rare works of art picked up during Assouline trips, discover monthly exhibitions on the theme, and enjoy a cocktail or a light lunch at the Swans Bar. Assouline House is quite simply the flagship of London, and the epitome of culture and style in a historic environment. Listed among the top five bookstores in the world by International Traveler, Assouline House offers the most ambitious conceptual sales experience on the planet.

Assouline: a permanent success with reinvented books and a passion for culture

Based on the concept of the French art of living, the publishing house publishes Assouline books in collaboration with the most avant-garde artists, photographers, architects, creators, and chefs in the world. There are books as much on fashion, as art, architecture, photography, design and travel, unique collections…

Assouline books were first imagined in the mid-1990s, when Martine and Prosper Assouline published their very first book La Colombe d'Or. The unique book featured photographs of Prosper combined with Martine's texts on their favorite hotel in the south of France. This book marked the Assouline publishing house birth.

The first Mémoire collection is a breakthrough. In 1997, more than half a million Assouline books were sold worldwide. Their goal was to provide quality books for a contemporary library. They haven't stopped creating and surprising us ever since. Over time, their work has offered the world a vast collection of books signed with their passion for art, design, travel, and culture. Their special editions, offered with entirely handmade book covers, have conquered the world of fashion and design with very innovative books and covers.

Passionate about fashion and beauty, the French couple marked the world with their love of culture. Assouline House has a lot to do with the illustrated market which has become an integral part of the world of luxury, fashion, and design. And in today's ever-faster digital world, books are a means to stop for a few moments. Assouline House shows us with its numerous collections that information is not only digital and instantaneous, and that the past is a sensational and infinite source of information. We offer a wide selection of Assouline articles and books. Let yourself be charmed by their unique design and their precious collections!

In our selection, take a look at the new arrivals from Assouline House, as well as the books and permanent collections; you will certainly fall in love with their craftsmanship, distinguished taste, and creative texts and photographs. As well presented as exciting, Assouline books are the perfect addition to your library, your coffee table, your bedside table… So, are you ready for a range of precious books combining luxury, creativity and modernity? Choose the books and subjects that will suit your own style by their different collections, design, and unique colors.