Carlo Moretti

Founded in 1958, the Carlo Moretti are masters in manufacturing glasses with unique contemporary designs. The business was initiated by two Venice brothers Carlo and Giovanni Moretti. Since their father was a glass dealer himself, it wasn't difficult for them to learn the skills. Their workshop soon started gaining popularity internationally. Carlo Moretti glass became a celebrated name for contemporary glassware designs.

Soon after, they established their mark in the industry as a Murano-based glassware manufacturer. Carlo Moretti is a perfect blend of creating traditional mouth-blown Murano glass outstanding Italian designs. To this day, they have kept the essence of their manufacturing technique as innovation and artistic approach.

A Magnificent Glass Collection from Murano Glass Masters. 

From clear lines to modern designs, Carlo Moretti designs are known as a “manufacturer of originals”. Each and every piece manufactured at their workshop is a one-off. What's even more interesting is the fact that each of these Carlo Moretti glasses is signed and marked with the year of its manufacture. As a collector, most Carlo Moretti glasses are limited-edition pieces. 

Every Carlo Moretti glass is a piece of vintage art glass. Choose from their vast collection of vases in different shapes and sizes. From stemware to tumblers to a special collection of lights, all Carlo Moretti designs are skillfully created. The striking colored accents, transparency in glasses and bright crystal are all factors that give the pieces a timeless look.

Sabrina Monte Carlo's Association with Carlo Moretti

Sabrina Monte Carlo has always been passionate about making the finest quality interior decorative products accessible to our esteemed customers. Carlo Moretti has been a long-standing, best-selling brand for Murano glass. It's perfect as an everyday use glass that adds colors to summer tables with their exceptional designs. With Carlo Moretti designs, it's hard to pick favorites, but these are some of the top-selling ones.

• Diversi Set of 6 Red Glasses
• Neroeter Carlo Moretti Contemporary Mouth Blown Murano Glass Vase
• Marti Carlo Moretti Contemporary Mouth Blown Murano Glass Vase
• Carlo Moretti 'Wave' Vase, circa the 1970s, Purple and White 'Marbled' Decoration

Carlo Moretti vases and champagne glasses are products that showcase striking elegance for every home it adorns. As an epitome of ethereal sophistication, Carlo Moretti is a great choice for luxury homes. Created with fashioned of mouth-blown Murano crystal, they are simply the top choice as collectors.
As a part of Carlo Moretti's 60th anniversary in 2018, they have recently launched new versions of 'Bora' and 'i diversi' along with limited-edition vases. If you are seeking out for highly transparent top-quality glass with contemporary designs, Carlo Moretti is a great choice. The sinuous curves are magnificent decorative pieces every home dreams’ of. Create a refined and modern interior with Carlo Moretti collection.