Stripey Bee Metal Straw - Set of 4

Product description

You will never look more chic being eco-friendly! Our fabulous Stripey bee reusable stainless steel straws are the perfect solution to wasteful plastic straws. Beautiful on the bar cart and even more chic kept in your bag to pop into your drinks whilst out to a fancy lunch or cocktails. Or add a little sparkle to your iced coffee run... the bend is perfect for a venti! May we suggest one of our fabulous bug pouches to keep them safe on the go!? 

Set of 4 + a cleaning brush

Food grade stainless steel with zinc, brass and glass bee

H 20,3 cm

D 0,6 cm

Packaged in a gift box

Hand wash only please!

Material Zinc
Material Stainless Steel
Material Brass
Material Glass
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