Carretto Candle

Product description

Dolce&Gabbana Casa presents a line of scented candles, authentic high-quality aromatic harmonies. From the freshness of citrus scents to the intensity of spicy accents, from the elegance of floral notes to the vivacity of Mediterranean herbs, each candle leads to a sensorial journey through memories and sensations.

The soul of this candle is intoxicating and unmistakable, it hovers in the balmy evening air in Mediterranean gardens after the sirocco wind has dropped: the aroma of jasmine, the delicate white flowers that smell of Sicily itself. This candle, through the creative packaging that incorporates the friezes of the Sicilian Cart, is a tribute to this wonderful land.

• Weight: 250 g -8.82 oz
• Exclusive packaging 
• Made in Italy

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