Harcourt 1841 Pitcher

Product description

The powerful line of the Harcourt 1841 Baccarat clear crystal brooch can be recognized by the flat ribs that surround the base of its spherical part and its wide neck.

A true icon of the Baccarat House, the result of unparalleled expertise, the Harcourt collection has toured the world, proudly displaying its sculptural lines, recognizable among all. The Grail adopted by the greatest of men, including Napoleon III, the Harcourt service has adorned the tables of sovereigns and heads of state around the world for more than 170 years, from the Vatican to the Elysée Palace, including the Brazilian and Lebanese presidencies, the royalties of Cambodia and Morocco, and the French embassies in the United States and the United Kingdom.

H 16 cm

90 cl

Collection Harcourt
Material Clear crystal
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