Arik Levy & Lalique Art 2019 Rockstone 40 Lavender Limited Edition 8 ex

Product description

In collaboration with Lalique Art, Arik Levy has reinterpreted in crystal “Rock”, his signature sculpture that has made his worldwide reputation. Magnified by the reflections on the Lalique crystal, this mineral form, 40 centimetres in height, reveals multiple facets, ridges and intertwined lines, sometimes repeated, sometimes transformed. 

A futuristic yet primitive form, executed according to a unique savoir-faire, RockStone 40 was conceived by Arik Levy as a “journey to the centre of the earth”. 

The new series of Rockstone 40, AURORA BOREALIS, finds its colour inspiration from the aurora borealis, the natural effect that is a result of the magnetic atmosphere in the North Pole. The magnetic, mystic and spiritual power attributed to crystal, takes here a turn of colour and connection to our powerful nature and its extraordinary effects.

Lavender crystal

H 40 cm

14,97 kg

Limited edition of 8

Signed and numbered, complete with a signed edition certificate

Handcrafted in France

Collection Arik Levy
Color Purple
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