Christmas Ball Silver-Plated

Product description

Christofle offers a new openwork ball in silver plated with a vegetal pattern (interlaced with holly branches and knots). It completes the collection of vintage balls launched since 2012 in accordance with the Christofle tradition. It can be used as a tree decoration and/or table decoration. Maison Christofle is launching new Christmas ornaments. This year, the theme is “Royal Forest” and its variations. At Christmas, the light is present in the houses as in the street. The decorations and ornaments of the Christmas tree make it sparkle in a thousand of reflections. The silver plated divinely magnifies this Christmas light which is intended to be soft and reassuring. These new ornaments are a hymn to this universe which is fairy and vegetal at the same time, in the sign of the pure tradition of Christmas. Thus, they will bring to your home a touch of inevitable magic.

Ø 7 cm

Material Silver-Plated
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