Backgammon Beige Galuchat Large Size

Product description

The shagreen effect embossing on the Gabin backgammon makes it an outstanding and original piece. Its neutral tones allow it to match in all interiors. The leather inlay is crafted in order to provide a nice glide for the chips. Its large size will add some playing comfort and is the perfect compromise between the smallest and the biggest size.

Backgammon shagreen effect 
Leather interior inlay 
Nickel chrome locks 
Handcrafted in France in our Parisian workshops
Delivered under cover and gift-box.

2 keys
Assortment of 30 acetate stones, 37mm diameter 8mm thickness
4 resin dices
1 metal vido, 20mm 61grammes
2 leather-wrapped cups 

Backgammon when closed : 30cm x 46cm
Backgammon when open : 60cm x 46cm 

Wipe with a soft cloth if any superficial stain occurs on the leather. Avoid any sun exposure or near a heat source. Keep away from water splash or other fluids.

Color Beige
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