Alain Backgammon Medium Kaki

Product description

The Alain backgammon and its alligator-like embossing make it both chic and eccentric. Its bright colors will satisfy all desires and make it an indispensable decorative accessory. The leather bottom is worked in order to optimize the sliding of the tokens. Its medium size allows you to leave it on display as well as to take it with you on a trip.

Description :

Leather backgammon with alligator print

Leather inlay inside

Steel clasps

Handmade in France in our Parisian workshops

Delivered in a case and gift box.

Contents :

2 keys

Assortment of 30 acetate dice of 31mm diameter and 6mm thickness

4 resin dice

1 metal vido of 20mm and 61g

2 leather cups

Dimensions :

Closed backgammon: 25cm x 37cm

Open backgammon: 50cm x 37cm

Care instructions:

Wipe only with a soft cloth in case of superficial stains on the leather. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or near a direct heat source. Keep away from water or other liquids.

Color Deep green
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