Galuchat Chess Box Turquoise

Product description

More than a game, the chess set stands as a true design item. Its removable board hides the storage space for the pieces. These are harmoniously matching with the set, which is entirely leather-wrapped.


Chess box embossed Shagreen
Leather interior inlay
Handcrafted in France in our Parisian workshops
Delivered under cover and gift-box.


Assortment of 32 lacquered wood chess pieces and wood


Box : 37*37cm Height : 5cm
Dimensions of the tray: 34*34cm
Square : 3,3cm
King's height: 6,3cm
King base diameter: 2,7cm

Care Instructions:

Wipe with a soft cloth if any superficial stain occurs on the leather. Avoid any sun exposure or near a heat source. Keep away from water splash or other fluids.

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