Greatest of All the Time XL

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The man who flew like a butterfly and stung like a bee

GOAT, the fabulous tribute to Muhammad Ali in a featherweight edition

"An incredible book...all the iconic photos the people took of the Champion."

- Barack Obama

GREATEST OF ALL TIME - A TRIBUTE TO MUHAMMAD ALI is a book that encapsulates the power, courage, depth, creativity, and incredible energy of its extraordinary subject. Lighter than the heavyweight Collector's Edition, this featherweight edition is smaller in size, but does not hold back in its expertise, passion, and illuminating analysis of the Champion.

Packed with thousands of images, including photographs, artwork, personal memorabilia and two fold-out pages, this fabulous book is a vibrant tribute to the greatest of all, both in and out of the ring. Specially written essays, interviews, and articles collected over fifty years reveal the courage, conviction, and extraordinary fame that have made Ali one of the world's best-known and most inspiring personalities, an icon not only as a prodigious athlete but also as a staunch advocate for social justice, interfaith dialogue, and peace.

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