American Cities

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"Urban archaeologists will relish these 'frail documents of a by-gone age' "- Sotheby's
American Cities features nine of this country’s greatest metropolises, thriving urban centers with rich colorful histories: Boston; New York; Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; New Orleans; St. Louis; Chicago; Denver; and San Francisco. Rare or previously unpublished historic maps and views of each of the cities provides a unique journey through each city—from the how they developed over time to historic events that helped to shape their formation. The maps and views offer a fascinating way to explore the creation, development, and true spirit of each city. Essays by specialists accompany each section and help to explain and explore the growth of these wonderful cities, while this lavish book pays tribute to the most important and artistic images of America.

164 pages
75 illustrations
English language
Released in August 2014
l 40 x L 47,5 x H 7,5 cm
hand-bound limited edition in a linen clamshell case
9.072 kg

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