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Kids Project

Space Playroom

We enjoyed creating this captivating space-themed playroom that is both safe and entertaining for children. At the heart of this playroom is a magnificent superstructure that invites kids to climb, crawl, and slide into a giant ball pool.

The space features three arches: one for climbing, one for drawing, and one with an airtight door for toy storage. To ensure optimal functionality, we designed the playroom with both play and storage in mind.

The playful candyland colors of the space are accented with subtle touches of neon tones. We designed custom LED signs, neons, a moon mural, a sparkly green and white striped wallpaper, a cloud sofa for adults to watch the children from and a space station style padded flooring to transport children to an intergalactic world. The mirror ceiling with LED tube lights in different colors provides an even more futuristic effect.