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Kids Project

Celestial Nursery

For a couple wanting positive and calming energy in their twins' nursery, we opted for a celestial theme.

The ceiling boasts holographic wallpaper in pastel tones, paired with Savio Firmino’s hot air balloon lights for a magical backdrop.

Injecting a personal touch, the clients contributed powerful artwork, proudly displayed alongside personalized Theophile & Patachou cribs featuring custom made laser-cut wooden symbols and each of the twins names.

One of our artisans also had fun customising a floor lamp with twin rabbits, paying homage to the Year of the Rabbit and Samuel & Sons' playful pompoms for a whimsical touch.

The babies' sleeping area was transformed with a canopy featuring gold glitter crowns and veils for a cozy, dreamy atmosphere.

Finally, we created a custom castle bookcase and accessorised the room with a majestic Steiff unicorn, a Bambi, and a rabbit to wrap up the magical kingdom theme.

The result is an invigorating haven for the adorable twins, where each element works together to create a sooting and imaginative atmosphere.