Harcourt Abysse Caviar Set

Product description

The 1930s design of the Harcourt Abysse caviar set, created by Thomas Bastide for Baccarat, emphasizes the pure, architectural beauty of clear crystal.

The stunning flat ribs of the bowl are set by the hexagonal pattern, emblematic of the Harcourt Abysse collection and located at the base of the bowl. The caviar set consists of a round crystal caviar bowl (which can hold 500g of caviar), ten Harcourt Abysse vodka glasses and a large bowl containing all the other elements. Ice can be easily placed under the polished stainless steel panel of the large bowl to keep the caviar and vodka cool. The Harcourt Abysse caviar set is the most elegant way to enjoy fish roe with family and friends. This fine dish is even more luxurious when served in this beautiful clear crystal set.

H 19 cm

W 39.8 cm

13 kg

Collection Harcourt
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