Outdoor Accessories

With four showrooms based in Monaco and Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, offering a varied selection of furniture, fabrics, tableware and luxury accessories, Sabrina Monte-Carlo has become a true reference for both indoor and outdoor design projects. Combining its knowledge of fabrics with its sense of design, Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino, the founder, became one of the first decorators to focus on luxury outdoor decoration, before gradually extending its work to indoor decoration. Therefore, in this category, you will discover a selection of outdoor accessories that the whole team of Sabrina Monte-Carlo has carefully collected for you.

Make your outdoor spaces a nice, comfortable and beautiful place that reflects your image, using all our decorating ideas for outdoor living accessories. If you intend to bring some novelty to your garden or patio without investing in new furniture, you can now opt for our accessories; sometimes little things make all the difference! Essential to creating an elegant living environment, decorative accessories add a personal touch to your outdoor spaces. Whether you have a traditional style and, an avant-garde contemporary urban style, or you prefer modern minimalism, there are many offers to choose from!

Always on the lookout for the latest trends and exceptional products, Sabrina Monte-Carlo regularly shares the findings related to outdoor accessories on the site at all prices including shipping! We offer you various collections made by the greatest designers of home accessories in the world, carefully selected for their form, functionality, uniqueness and style.

Discover our selection of outdoor accessories, with unique shapes, colors and innovative designs

When the good weather arrives, all those who are lucky enough to have an outdoor space have the full opportunity to enjoy it. In town, having an outside space or a balcony is a luxury that everyone dreams of, and some are lucky enough to have a small terrace to lounge on. Better yet, we can equip this space to help you fully enjoy this corner of paradise. Some outdoor accessories can even turn a small terrace in an incredible place. Thanks to a few simple outdoor decoration ideas, you can give a fabulous look to this small space that is your balcony. And this is exactly what Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers you with a wide choice of outdoor living accessories.

By focusing on a few beautiful pieces of good quality and craftsmanship, you can boost the personalization of your outdoor space. There is no easier way to express your personal style and boost the ambience of any living space or work than carefully using chosen decorative accessories. And to do this, all the outdoor accessories offered in this dedicated category have been carefully selected. They will make your place a magnificent haven of peace. Then transform your exterior space with a selection of decorative objects from the biggest names in luxury products for the home. Whether your style is contemporary or more traditional, we have a range of luxury accessories to add a final touch to your outdoor space.

With our outdoor accessories, you can always transform your balcony, terrace, patio or garden into a real corner of paradise! 

Whether you want to make your outdoor space a direct and obvious extension of the interior decoration, or quite simply another place, much more in harmony with nature, each one has his or her own philosophy of course, and we propose to you a wide range of outdoor accessories. To create an atmosphere on your terrace, in your garden or on your balcony, you will find everything you need in our selection. Exclusively designed for outdoors, these accessories perfectly combine functionality, strength and aesthetics. Each outdoor accessory adds to the decor its own incomparable touch.

We invite you to discover the collections of the Italian brand Giobagnara, which stands out for its creations with elegant and luxurious design.  Giobagnara outdoor accessories are available in a palette of strong colors or pastels, made in leather using both traditional knowledge and the most advanced technologies. Several baskets and decorative boxes specially designed for outdoor use are available. Most of them feature a delicately woven leather silhouette paired with smooth parts at the top and bottom. These accessories can be positioned everywhere outside to store various objects.

Rivière is also one of the Houses that make up our most refined proposals. Rivière is also a specialist of Italian hand-braided leather that is usually combined with hand-polished lacquering, precious wood, carved acrylic crystal ... The Rivière style is then characterized by geometries inspired from Art Deco with essential and balanced lines, combined with details that are underlined by a wonderful graphic sign touch.  Its own collections of baskets and boxes designed for various outdoor storage perfectly reflect this style.

Do not forget the luminous atmosphere to brighten up your evenings and make your outdoor space very cozy. In this sense, Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers you a wide choice of storm lamps from the big luxury brands such as Christofle and Rivière. With our collection of stylish hurricane lamps, you can always create a radiant atmosphere in your outdoor spaces. Available in a multitude of styles, from rustic to contemporary, these outdoor accessories have the ideal proportions to receive candles that transform any outdoor setting into a cozy, bright and radiant space for any occasion!