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Mer de corail

2,541.67 €

Color - Amber and grey

Length: 24

Height: 13

Width: 24

Color: Amber and grey

Material: Crystal glass paste

Ref. 05699 X

We recommend you to maintain your Daum pieces in crystal with a soft and dry microfiber cloth, without the addition of water, or detergent products.

In the case of agglomerated dust or if the piece loses its brightness, we recommend you to:
• Clean the sculpture with clear water set at room temperature to avoid thermal shock, without the use of detergent
• Leave the piece to dry for 24 hours
• Apply a thin layer of coat of liquid wax from the Daum maintenance kit with a paintbrush or spray, then leave it to dry again
• Polish it with a soft, lint-free cloth

If the piece contains parts in bronze or other metals, it is advised to not wet the piece, and to simply dust it and polish it with a soft cloth.

For general usage recommendations, we advice the following points:
• Do not position the piece outdoors. It must be protected from the sun and bad weather
• Avoid positioning directly next to a source of excessive heat to avoid source of heat to avoid thermal shock
• Position the piece on a stable surface capable of supporting its weight.

We offer two shipping options: Express (24/48 hours in Europe and worldwide) and Standard (2-3 days in Europe and 5 to 7 working days internationally). Items on backorder have varying delays that we cannot control.

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