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Kids Project

Plane Pilot Bedroom

Step into a whimsical sky-high adventure in this room, enveloped in a delicate cloud wallpaper. Splashes of light blue, denim, and bold red create a captivating contrast throughout.

The bed is the centrepiece, adorned in Loro Piana stripes with leather straps on the headboard, reminiscent of airline seat belts. Custom wooden plane windows and a charming plane on the wallpaper above complete the airborne theme.

A custom luggage desk featuring leather handles and a luxurious lacquered closet, reminiscent of airplane food cupboards, add a touch of sophistication. To infuse warmth, Loro Piana striped curtains with a red trim and a hypoallergenic custom compass rug create an inviting space, making every entry in the room feel like the start of a new adventure for the little one!