Mood Asia Silver-Plated Flatware Set for 6 People

Product description

24 piecesH 27 cm

To enhance the eating experience, Christofle has developed new chopsticks and chopstick holders, all in silver, as well as a new soup spoon suitable for Asian bowls. The silver chopsticks (23.5 cm) - a Christofle innovation - have two-tiered ridges for a better grip on food. Intended to satisfy all tastes and habits, they feature a design at the crossroads of all Asian chopstick styles. They are accompanied by chopstick holders (4 cm) developed exclusively for this MOOD, whose round and solid shape is reminiscent of the cutlery and its case. The cutlery - The MOOD is composed of 6 new original soup spoons. The shape of the handle is slightly curved to easily adapt to any type of bowl, from the most modern to the most traditional. 6 silver dessert or entrée forks harmoniously complete the MOOD Asia and ensure an Asian gastronomic experience accessible to all.

H 27 cm

Collection Mood By Christofle
Material Silver-Plated
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