Saphir Highball Tumbler Pink

Product description

Considerable and rigorous diamonds are cut by fine bevels to offer a powerful and geometric final design. Attractive and dynamic, the Saphir tall mug will attract any eye in the room, amateur or not. In addition, Saphir has the most useful dexterity, as well as the most elegant appearance.

Saphir is available in clear crystal, or color-lined crystal, in each of our 13 colors.

The diamond cut is ideal for a rich, classic look, and boasts refractive qualities as well as geometric finesse and precision.

The bevel cut brings a modern simplicity while dressing the glass with verticality and majesty.

All of this is blown, cut and polished by our dedicated and crystal loving experts.

Height : 13 cm

Diameter : 7,5 cm

Capacity : 40 cl

Weight : 450 gr

Collection Saphir
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