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Home Decoration Secrets To help you with your decoration needs!

Decorating a home, giving it a new and inviting look is no doubt an exciting task, but the whole process can end up being overwhelming as well. The biggest challenge of home decoration is to seek out the right balance of form and function. Everything counts; your style, the small detailing, and the major elements as the house speak a lot about its inhabitant's personality. That's what Sabrina Monteleone, Monte Carlo's house decoration maestro, is good at. She is at the top of her game because she knows how to play up her project's strengths, works creatively to hide its flaws, and ultimately, gives every project a perfect touch with exclusive home accessories.

Home decoration is what Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino lives for. She has a natural eye for design and lives and breathes interior design. After her successful career invasion in the fashion industry, she launched her interior design studio in Monaco, named Sabrina Monte-Carlo. Her home decoration style draws inspiration from the chic Mediterranean lifestyle. She takes pride in designing the living spaces that match the personality, requirements, and experiences of her clients. Vibrant color schemes, contemporary lines, and elegance tell the story of her house decoration layout. Sabrina, together with her team of interior designers, naval and interior architects, tableware experts, and fabric specialists, has managed to beautify Louis XV apartments in Paris, contemporary villas on the French Riviera, over 150 of the world's largest yachts, grand palaces in the Middle East, and private jets. Her home decoration and other interior designing projects have been featured in notable publications like Elle Decor, Artravel, Showboats, and Boat International. With an extensive line of four showrooms, she has a wide range of exclusive home accessories, tableware, luxe furniture, and fabric to offer.

Let's learn the home decoration tricks in Sabrina's style.

You may be a profound DIYer, some inspiration and guidance never hurt. So, if you are planning to update your kitchen or furnish your new place or add some new home accessories to jazz up your interior from boring to beautiful, here are some expert tips to help you with all of your decoration needs.

Tip-1 Think about your house decoration style

Think about a few things before starting your project. Say, how do you want your home to feel? Elegant may be or traditional or formal? Some prefer to give their space a playful feel, some keep it humorous and inviting, and some go for monochromatic, modern, and streamlined themes. Do you find it hard to hone in on your style? Here is a simple trick for you. All you have to do is open your closet and check which type of clothes you wear the most. Are you more towards comfortable items, baggy shirts, and loose trousers? Or do you have a taste for perfect tailored couture? Do you gravitate towards bold colors? Or geometric patterns, maybe? Your preferences say a lot about your style and taste. Or maybe the home decoration keywords such as modern, monochrome, bold, or contemporary might ring the bell. You can also take into account the design inspirations from your holidays or hotel stays.

Tip-2 Determine your dislikes as well in home decoration

Not easy to express your style? Well, it will be far easier for you to sort out what you dislike. Arrange all of the dislikes in the equation, eliminate a few factors while narrowing in on others. Maybe you do not want to put large bold patterns on your walls as they might remind you of your bad childhood memory. Or you might not want to pick a certain color scheme in line with some past trends that you disliked the most. Your experiences or memories do play a crucial role in shaping your home decoration style.

Tip-3 Plan your space

Proper space planning is a major element of house decoration that many people tend to ignore. People often stuff their small-sized living rooms with huge-sized furniture, which in turn makes the room suffocated. Try to build around that furniture which you can fit in your space. Let's say if you are working in a large room, establish zones for different activities first. Designate a seating zone ideal for conducting conversations, an area for TV, a corner for study table, or maybe a gaming zone. Keep the symmetry, visual weight, and balanced distribution of space in your mind.

Tip-4 Make a proper paint choice for home decoration

Paint is another main component of house decoration. To build a harmonious connection between your spaces and the whole house, strive to make a wise paint choice. Colors can impact one's mood greatly. Some colors can make you feel relaxed or energetic or sad or happy. Now the real question is how to make the right paint choice by not getting overwhelmed seeing hundreds of paint choices around? Simple, buy the samples and paint them on your walls. Pay special attention to undertones while trying different hues on your wall. Judge the colors in the morning, night, or natural light.

Tip-5 Start with the floor covering.

Some people get confused as to where should they start their home decoration project. We will begin you to work in a ground-up manner. Start from the floor coverings and then, go for the walls and ceilings. You may select anything for your floor; hardwood, stone, and wall-to-wall carpeting. If you are a fan of natural fiber or neutral tones, you will get a chance to play a broad spectrum of colors, upholstery, and home accessories. If you are opting for an antique rug for your floor, you can pick colors from the rug and formulate your own color palette. Keep one thing in your mind; always plan things in tandem to make your whole house decoration function in unison.

Tip-6 Create a mix of low and high price points.

Everything expensive cannot be necessarily precious or important. You can mix both high and low points to create a synergy in your house. Plan your house decoration with the things that may define the true colors of your aesthetics.