Table Accessories

A few must-haves table decorations from Sabrina Monte Carlo to add to your homes!

If you want to elevate your dining room setting, you need to invest in a stylishly curated tableware. For a perfect table setting, you can bring together minimal designs, table accessories, and creative crockery to elevate the mood of both formal and family settings. With the right table decorations, you can transform your dining area into the focal point of your living space.

The dinner table is the location of our house that welcomes the families to gather and interact with each other every day. It won't be wrong to call it the hub of all kinds of entertaining. So, why not to give this point some interesting and captivating finishing touches to make it more inviting for the whole family? Right? It is all possible with all the right levels of tableware, table decorations, and table setting. Lucky for us that you can get an exclusive range of tableware from Sabrina Monte Carlo, both online and in stores, that may answer your table decoration needs.

An insight into Sabrina Monte Carlo:

Sabrina Monte Carlo is owned by Monaco's famous and aspiring interior designer, Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino. Located in the principality and Saint-Jean-Cap Ferrat, the network of Sabrina Monte Carlo deals with a wide selection of tableware, fabrics, high-end indoor and outdoor furniture, table decorations, and other accessories from the well-known brands such as Lalique, Puiforcat, Robbe, Christofle, Daum, Ercuis, Haviland, and Berking, to name a few. Including its e-portal, Sabrina Monte Carlo is a one-stop solution for all interior and exterior needs.

The studio has built a trusted reputation over time for the quality of the services provided. The friendly and experienced staff on location help clients in choosing what suits their preferences and tastes under their budget.

The must-haves tableware to buy from Sabrina Monte Carlo:

You may decide to visit the stores or shop online; the real problem comes when you find yourself in the wide array of selections that make up the relevant category. Where should you draw the line? Which colors and patterns you should pick for your table setting that may look classy? Should you invest in the basic range for everyday use or buy the Sunday special only? In this guide, we will highlight a few of the tableware Monaco, table decorations, and table setting essentials from Sabrina Monte Carlo that will benefit your style, collection, and lifestyle.

However, before starting with the essentials, we will pen down a few tricks for you to backup your wise choice;

  1. Before buying any dinnerware, do check your size of the cupboard or the dishwasher to make sure that you buy the right-sized plates.
  2. Check if the tableware that has caught your eye isn't discontinued. Nobody likes to get stuck with broken or chipped items.
  3. Choose microwave and dishwasher safe tableware for everyday use.
  4. For family gatherings or special occasions, pick the porcelain-made tableware or fine china as both are naturally resilient and look delicate and elegant.
  5. To determine the usage of your tableware, determine your decor, and take into account your taste and preferences as well. Is your decor modern or traditional? Can you subdue the bold color scheme of your dining room with the neutral colored table setting?

The material available at Sabrina Monte Carlo are;

  1. Crystal.
  2. Sterling Silver.
  3. Fine Willow.
  4. Silver-plated.
  5. Glass.
  6. Rattan.
  7. Leather.

These materials give the tableware a luxe touch and will stay on your tables for a long time.

Here are our picks for tableware from Sabrina Monte Carlo;

  1. Breakfast accessories: When you will go through the breakfast accessories selection being offered by Sabrina Monte Carlo, you will find mustard jars, jam jars, glass jars, cheese dish, bangle bowls, insulated thermos, coffee and teapots, toast rack, high basket, serving dishes, round baskets, and different platters. These all are the essential tableware items that you can't miss.
  2. Cake stands: A cake stand is a perfect table setting element, which you can use to show off your baking skills and triumphs. You can also use it as a tableware centerpiece for your next celebration or tea party. On the website of Sabrina Monte Carlo, you will find some cake stand designs with lids, perfect for storing your cake in situ. Also, you can get a two or three-tiered one to display your exclusive treats or sandwiches. The best part is that you can unscrew the metal stems of these tiered stands and store the cake stand easily.
  3. Placemats: Placemats are not only practical, but they also add on to the beauty of your table setting. Placemats are available in the sets of four and six in different shapes and colors. You can either select the round or square ones or the fish-shaped. Nearly all mats are made up of the laminated fronts and cork backs that are not only easy to wipe clean but also protect the surface of the table from the heat.
  4. Serving Trays: Next essential tableware is the serving tray. The basic purpose of serving trays is to transport drinks and food with convenience. At Sabrina Monte Carlo, you will find serving trays in both modern and contemporary styles in rectangular, round, and square shapes. There are silver-plated trays, enamel, wooden, plastic, and porcelain ones available. The new variations that are in demand these days are the defile and Bellini trays.
  5. Vase: No table setting is complete without a vase. You can display your taste for fresh flowers and bouquets to give your dining place a fresher feel. Why not buy a colorful vase to bring brightness to the table or a show-stopping piece to impress your guests? A wide selection of glass vases dominates the Sabrina Monte Carlo studio.

There are more items on the list that you can buy to make the most of your table setting. There is table decor, napkin rings, gourmet items, cruets set, and caviar accessories. Invest in table decorations to show off your artistic aesthetics to impress your family and friends.