The glass and crystal industry requires expertise, science and technology. This activity has existed for centuries and knew great success in the middle ages. Today, it continues to exist because of the rigorous work of dedicated professionals. This complex craft, which has been passed down from generation to generation, has evolved over time to reveal luxury glassware and prestigious crystal ware. Crystal and luxury glassware make you dream. They sublimate tables and charm guests with their light, sound and history. Thanks to the various techniques inherited from the past, combined with current technological tools and techniques, production Houses have always dazzled  their followers and attracted new ones.

Regardless of the occasion and the desired drink, Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers the suitable glassware. If you are planning a cocktail, please discover our wide range of bar glasses. For an elegant dinner, find in our selection the glassware set that will bring the perfect final touch to your table. For all your glassware needs, we will definitely impress you. Sabrina Monte-Carlo has always sold glassware from the major luxury Houses in the field, as well as from new artisans and emerging manufacturers who have distinguished themselves through their exceptional work in glassmaking.

For glassware, everyone's aspirations tend towards beauty, sparkle, solidity and ease of maintenance; this is exactly what Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers you with the wide selection that you will discover in this category.

Since glassware must be a reference for tasting, Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers you a luxury to discover every day! 

The crystal and the glass luxury will always be here to decorate our tables. Omnipresent in the fields of tableware and decoration, glassware also reveals all its performance in terms of tasting, while drinking from a fine and shiny glass with an attractive aesthetic character. Indeed, the choice of a glass is not trivial when it comes to tasting, especially for quite aromatic spirits such as rum, whiskey or cognac. Therefore, glass and crystal craftsmanship consists of the design and production of both decorative and functional objects.

For glasswork, several tools and techniques are combined. As a specialist in hot glass, the glassmaker, for example, shapes the molten material using different techniques (picking, blowing, and pressing), and tools such as the cane with which he takes a ball of glass from the oven. The tailor, in turn, decorates the cold glass. He hollows out linear, geometric patterns, head faces, bevels, and diamonds on the object. The gilder (using gold and other precious metals such as platinum) adds decorative elements to the glass using leaves of metal laid cold or integrated hot then fused into the mass of glass.

Other glass jobs require advanced skills, which makes glass and crystal crafts exceptional jobs. The perfect mastery of gesture and matter contributes to the production of good-quality glassware. Moreover, the traditional tools and techniques have significantly evolved to meet the requirements of luxury crystal and glassware production.

Glassware collections that are distinguished by their elegance and unique style ! 

Sabrina Monte-Carlo has done its best to assemble for you the largest selections of glassware,includingwater glasses, entire collections of glass tables, the must-have champagne glasses, wine glasses, beer glasses, and whiskey glasses. Our selection offers all imaginable styles of glassware to ensure that your different tastings are on everyone's lips! Our wide range of luxury glass tableware will allow you to add the desired touch of elegance to all your celebrations. For all occasions and celebrations, you will find our luxurious glassware perfect for every moment, and all of these items can be wonderful gift ideas for everyone. 

You will discover the iconic collections of Baccarat crystal and those of the famous Lorraine glassware founded250 years ago. Over the years, the glassmakers’ exceptional talent has always been the pride of the city of Baccarat, and each piece tells the story of the French know-how. Discover, for example, the Château Baccarat red wine glass in clear crystal, which allows, by a flat movement, optimal ventilation, and reveals the harmony of aromas due to its large and deep parison. The Mille Nuits clear crystal glass, which is punctuated by subtle Venetian ribs all over its parison, evokes by its elegance the charm and opulence of oriental palaces. The Masséna glass, in turn, perfectly illustrates the Baccarat expertise. Directly cut in clear crystal, the deep bevels in organ sets radiate from the foot to the base of the chalice ...

Since its founding in 1888, Lalique House has remained a major figure in the luxury industry. Its decorative items, including jewelry, perfumes, stemware, vases and sculptures, persist until today. The successors of the founder René Jules Lalique have also done their part, while perpetuating the traditional craft. Discover among other things in our selection of 100 points-collection, a functional and very elegant collection dedicated to wine lovers, with a sophisticated mandatory touch in favor of a hedonistic tasting ...

Christofle is also a big name in French silverware and tableware. You will also find the best collections of Christofle glassware in our selection such as Iriana Gaphik … . 

Also discover the collections of other great Houses such as Saint Louis, Carlo Moretti, Robbe and Berking ...