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In the recent past, silver cutlery was only used on special occasions. When we received guests, we would gladly take out our silverware (Glittering knives, spoons and forks were proudly put on the table). There were also fish cutlery, sugar spoons and asparagus tongs… depending on what was offered to the guests. Silverware comes into effect in many varieties. Silver metal, launched by goldsmith Charles Christofle in 1844, revolutionized the art of living and the art of French dining. His work was highly appreciated by the bourgeoisie. Then other talented goldsmiths have appeared such as Ercuis, Puiforcat, and so many others.

Today, people do not hesitate to invest in the purchase of silver cutlery in order to have refined tables. It is no longer necessary to limit their use to "special occasions". Silver cutlery can turn any moment into a special celebration. It sublimates dinners and lunches with its refined touch. Silverware particularly has the enormous power of creating light on a tablecloth, with unique reflections. The styles are captivating and their mix is ​​very trendy. The white metal allows the making of refined and chiseled decorative accessories. With its delicate and artisanal work, silver metal cutlery is a centerpiece of tableware. Goldsmithing is a masterpiece that stands out as a benchmark for French elegance and more particularly when it comes to Christofle silverware.

Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers a wide selection of silverware, including perfect giftsthat you canusefor fun or offer to your loved ones in celebrations and on special occasions. Discover the flagship collections of the great Goldsmith Houses, or even classic collections revised with good-quality silver cutlery in variations of shapes and astonishing finishes. Classic or modern, elegant collections will delight all aesthetes of tableware by their so captivating style. With Sabrina Monte-Carlo, best silverware sets can be used on all tables and in all interiors!

For an amazing refined table, combining tradition and modernity, use our silverware selection

From the grandeur of traditional style to contemporary design, silver cutlery collections offered on Sabrina Monte-Carlo reveal the richness and refinement of tableware and silverware. Some agree that a goldsmith is the most complete and ingenious artist that one could desire. His hammer and his chisel soften gold, silver and other metals and turn them into the noblest and most varied forms. And this can precisely be confirmed through the collections that we offer. They reflect our passion for silversmith. Prestige, aesthetics and perfection are the key words to describe silverware that will adorn the most prestigious tables.

History recognizes silverware as a reflection of the perfection of rich and varied lines. The purity of designs and the work of talented artisans are the basis of an expertise that has established itself and is used throughout the world. All Manufactures and Houses you find on Sabrina Monte-Carlo are united by the same passion for perpetuating an exceptional tradition of silver jewelry. But again, the artisanal and traditional manufacture of silver cutlery has shifted to new forms of creative exploration with contemporary designers.

If you intend to buy silver cutlery, you will be perfectly satisfied at Sabrina Monte-Carlo. We offer complete household selections. You can also create your own collectionof silver cutlery, mixing different styles to meet your own expectations. Silverware will decorate your tables (spoons, forks, knives, cutlery to serve, ladles, sauce spoons, carving sets, bread knives …) you will discover different styles in this category.

Big Houses highlight their expertise in the global art of living with their silver cutlery

When we talk about silver service and tableware, Christofle silverware always comesfirst. Exceptional work is present in all their collections. Since 1830, goldsmith and jeweler Christofle has certainly been one of the manufactures that have contributed to the development of French tableware. Christofle provides house makers with trays, services, silver jewelry, silver metal, gold or vermeil in a refined style of great modernity. To create exceptional pieces, Christofle updates its techniques, preserves its expertise and calls on talented artists. You will discover in our selection the must-have pieces and objects from this great silver House. Thus, the Albi collection   takes for example the pure and straight lines of the nave of the famous cathedral in the city of Albi. As for the Aria cutlery collection, it is sober and elegant, intended for classic as well as contemporary tables. Malmaison, Marneux, Perles … are examples of collections of Christofle silverware that you can discover on Sabrina Monte-Carlo!  

The German House Robbe & Berking, in turn, will also satisfy you with the exceptional quality of its pieces. Their entire silver cutlery perfectly meets the requirements of quality and highest design. It offers a cutlery design that ranks among the best in Europe, from the Belvédère collection to the Riva collection, including Spaten , Eclipse, Französisch -Perl 

The same goes for Puirfocat House whose collections, have laid the foundations for its goldsmith art of living. Its Normandy collection, for example, takes the name of the Normandy liner, joining Le Havre to New York. It was with this silver cutlery, designed in 1934, that tables were set for first class passengers. A model cherished by elegant travelers; whose timeless lines illustrate all the modernity of Jean Puiforcat's designs ...