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An insight into the rising trend of the ornamental serving trays

If there is any party or gathering or any casual dinner, the host always insists on the table decor to make the event more appealing. And to do so, it is necessary to have the best tableware available. There are many items included in the tableware. Let's say, with proper cutlery, the guests relish and enjoy the served food. However, in this article, we are going to highlight one of the most overlooked tableware elements, the serving trays.

Without any doubt, trays can be counted as one of the versatile additions to the essential kitchen utensils. Yes, it is not exactly a utensil, but it makes a difference in the house in a lot of different ways. This accessory is generally preferred to serve food, drinks, or snacks to the guests. Many people also prefer to keep high-raised and big-serving trays as magazine holders to give a classic touch to their interiors. While many women prefer to keep pickle or jam jars atop the trayson the kitchen cabinets.

One way or another, we have witnessed the evolution of the serving trays over time. In the past, trays were made with metals such as aluminum, brass, and copper to give it an antique touch. But now with the evolution of modernization and urbanization, the serving traysare made in a more contemporary style. Now, the many modern versions are being used by the masses. No matter the style or the usage of the trays, these serving accessories surely make the food and drink look an inch more delicious. Do you agree?

To help our readers out in selecting the right serving trays for any purpose, we have jotted down some helping points to make the better choice. Using this exclusive guide, you can purchase a nice decorative tray without getting overwhelmed by the choices available.

The materials to consider to buy serving trays.

It is necessary to give the ultimate attention to the material of the serving trays to match the material with the purpose. Moreover, the decor of the table and the theme of the event is also taken under consideration so that the theme of the trays may complement the event. Let's say, you have designed your interior with elegant and durable teak wooden furniture. You have placed a wooden ottoman or wooden coffee table, then it will be best to invest in a wooden serving tray to complement your decor.

Easy cleaning is another factor that one must consider while deciding on the material of trays. As trays happen to be more susceptible to spots and spills, rectangular serving trays prove to be a better option in this regard. However, some people find it difficult to hold the rectangular-shaped trays as they easily slip out of their hands due to imbalance.

Finesse also matters!

Most people relate finesse with the royal finish of the utensils. Finesse indeed adds a feel to the trays and it keeps them shining and bright for a longer period. Those trays that do not comply with the industry standards, their finesse wear off after only two or three washes. Especially the wooden trays, they need some extra coatings to keep the water and soap damages at bay. So, always choose the trayswith fine finishing.

Handles happen to be handy!

Trays are styled with different forms of handles to serve different purposes. You will notice in the traysmade for serving tea a top handle to ensure extra support so that the tea does not spill. If you will look at the tray made for keeping magazines, there will be raised sides and a handle to keep the magazines from falling off. The trays that are specifically made to serve the food are found in circular shape with no handles at all. Such trays are widely used at the restaurants.

The point is that while purchasing the tray, you must look for a strong structure as well as the form of handles. Obviously, you do not want to drop the food while serving it to the guests.

Pick the right size!

Whatever your requirements are, pick the size of the serving tray according to them. You will find various shapes and sizes of the trays in the market. Small trays are convenient to place food jars on the dining table. Rectangular-shaped trays can be used to put pickles or jams on the kitchen counters. Square-shaped are perfect for serving drinks and teas.

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  • - Laquered Tray with Bamboo handles: This all-white glossy tray blings with brown bamboo handles. A perfect piece to serve the food at your tea parties.
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  • - A small tray with plate handles by Riviere: The main feature of this leather tray with a chrome finish is its braided leather plate handles.
  • - Defile tray by Giobagnara: This tray shines like a pearl and flaunts the base of stout leather and the brass-refined handles. Giobagnara is well-reputed to manufacture the defile trays skillfully by hand.
  • - Defile small round tray in Pink by Giobagnara: It is another statement tray by Giobagnara. This leather-covered metal tray will fit as a vanity tray.
  • - Cristobal Rouge Trinket Tray: This porcelain trinket tray will definitely brighten your dining area. With such a piece, it is OK to go Rouge once in a lifetime.