A bar at home!  There is nothing like a warm place in your house or apartment to sip a good èglass of wine or whiskey! Nothing is better than a friendly and warm bar to sip your favorite drinks, all in a cozy and relaxing space. To better enjoy a unique moment alone or with your guests, furnish and decorate your corner - bar as it should be, using the style that you like. Find a wide selection of bar accessories on Sabrina Monte-Carlo. 

In your corner - bar, you have already fitted out a counter, bar chairs, storage shelves … And now to refine your decoration, all you need to do is to choose the bar accessories that will add the desired touch of elegance. Thanks to our selection of dedicated accessories, corners - bars are reinvented with more inspired decorations. The ambience fills the place with joy and happiness: vintage, contemporary, classic spirit ... The current trend is a clever mix of leather for the nobility, and plastic or Plexiglas for modernity. A few cozy touches can perfect the atmosphere: curves, round lines, depth ... bar accessories often make all the difference!  

Whether for individuals or for professionals, Sabrina Monte-Carlo offers high-quality bar accessories and decor to impress all your guests. Feel free to choose either traditional style glassware with bold patterns and sophisticated details for a luxurious reception, or more contemporary style curved lines to decorate your corner - bar and make it look the trendiest! 

Find in this category a variety of accessories of exclusive and user-friendly bar products! 

Who does not dream of a home bar that combines the ambience, elegance and beauty of the most attractive " lounges " or " wine bars " , while offering the comfort of home? Whether you already have a home bar space or not, keep in mind that any untapped corner can become an extra bar space as long as you add value to the place with the best bar accessories. There is no doubt that you will get impressive results! Then make ideal drinks for your family, friends and colleagues with our selection of luxurious bar accessories.

If you are one of those looking for new bar decor ideas to perfect your apartment (or home) bar, you are on the right page! There is nothing more appropriate than a mini bar in the living room to really enjoy an aperitif with friends or a well-deserved drink after a long day of work, without having to meet a crowd of people and end up paying the drinks at the highest prices! However, to perfect your little corner of relaxation, do not forget to equip it with the right bar accessories. Theyare the fundamentals for any self-respecting bar! They range from cocktail sticks, bottle holders and coolers, trays, flasks and shakers… Make sure delicious drinks and an impressive setting are always offered whatever the event is. Then discover our wide range of accessories for your cocktails and aperitifs. In this category you will find everything you need to give and celebrate convivial and warm moments!

Resolutely chic, these bar accessories will give a statutory touch to your bar and to all the moments spent there! 

The bottle holders are freed of their primary use and maintain their original design to become real luxury items. Among the selection of bases and bottle holders that Sabrina Monte-Carlo has in store for you, discover, for example, the Merles & Raisins pedestal in colorless crystal by Lalique. The Merles &Raisins motif, which reflects elegance and "Art of living", portrays blackbirds pecking at a small bunch of grapes. The finesse of the patterns, enhanced by the purity of the crystal, brings a play of light, and breathes life and movement into the room.

From their side, the hide-bottle Regards d’Ercuis  are part of a collection of classics of this luxurious eternal house, composed of essential references and also of accessories dedicated to the five-star service hotel industry.

The River House, in turn, always conceives luxurious leather collections that are mixed with other precious materials, featuring the famous Italian style, and including different leather-braided bottle covers of incomparable beauty!  

And how would a bar look like without ice cube accessories? The collections of Christofle silver ice tongs will definitely seduce you. Vertigo, for example, brilliantly illustrates the design concept of the Christofle House; combining simple and pure aesthetics with the utilitarian function of objects … You can also opt for an ice cube spoon, such as the one that Puiforcat offers you with its Jacaranda collection. Shaped in silver metal, the spoon rests in style on a round wooden rosewood.  The online Jacaranda of Puiforcat includes bar accessories and decor that are distinguished by their original finishes. The parts were wheel-hammered by the artisans of the workshop to create a subtle play of light. 

Do not forget the bottle openers, either! Joanna Buchanan, with its incomparable vision of luxury, color, texture and patterns, offers purely Tableware bottle openers with luxurious decorations on the body. The use of inoxydable steel, zinc and glass allows the production of golden and sparkling bottle openers with different shapes, including carp Koi, palm trees, animals... 

These are just a few models of the bar accessories, provided as examples among the wide range that you can find on Sabrina Monte-Carlo!